short who am I

I’m a very fit, healthy, 57 year old man, and I just found out I have throat cancer.  This is a story I’ve got to tell, if even to myself.

I live in New York City.  And, I’ve always been healthy, or so I thought.  Don’t smoke.  Though for several years in my late 30’s and early 40’s I did smoke one cigarette prior to bed.  But I stopped that about 10 years ago.  Do I drink? Yes, casually.  But not anymore.  Street drugs?  Never.

For years, my workout ethos has been seven days per week.  Depending on the period of the year, either two or three days (at times four) of resistance training (weights) and core.  The other days, varying types of aerobics, always mixing types, intensities and planning endurance workouts for the weekends. Days off are rare.  Why would you take a day off of being active?

Point is, I’m always been somewhat fastidious about being active.  Being fit.  My weight and build are both relatively the same now at 57 as when I was 20.  I don’t eat crap, never fried food, and steer clear of processed foods.  So being told I have a cancerous tumor behind my tongue makes my jaw hang down (yes, pun).

Just call me Freddie Spaghetti

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