entering phase two

It appears that I’m about finished finding out what I’ve found out about and what there is to initially find or be found.  And, I’m hoping that what was found is all that will be found and that future findings will be on the positive side of destruction.

Therefore, I’m entering what I’m calling the post discovery pre therapy stage.  I have a full two weeks in this phase, prior to initial treatment.  That means, once we start, it should not be stopped.  For a seven week period, I had better not travel anywhere as missing treatment can detrimentally affect recovery.  Can’t have that.

The challenge will be maintaing, or growing, a couple of business projects during this and the next phase.  It just so happens that a couple of the projects now require travel.  Thinking about what needs to be done is trumped by “but it’s kind of important to get rid of the cancer tumor in your neck.”   It is now an issue of how I communicate with my business partners that I can’t travel even though I should.  Do I tell them about the cancer ball?  Or do I simply say that I have a medical “issue” which is keeping me local for the next two months?

I suppose I could always blame it on family.  Maybe I could say that I have a family “issue.”  People always understand that and would not hold that against the business.  But no, I cannot tell a bold face lie, or a colorful yellow-belly white lie.  A medical issue should be good enough.  No further explanation should be needed.

So I have two more (semi) normal weeks before I get chemo-ed and radiated.  Two more weeks before I’ve got to walk (run and bike) around with a hose coming out of my belly.  But hopefully, that is just very temporary.

Yesterday, I signed a lease on a temporary office in the garment district.  A showroom that was considering representing a women’s exotic handbag collection (that I’m charged with) bailed so I’m going to attempt to sell this “grassroots.”  Point is, I’ll have an office to go to every day, but luckily no one there to ask why my throat is the color of a red delicious apple, or why I’m arriving at 10:30 am.  As I understand it, the challenge will simply be arriving.

Therefore, for the next two weeks, perhaps for the next two seconds, and for every two weeks from here on, I’ll always be appreciating the next two seconds.  It’s not too deep to dig.

2 thoughts on “entering phase two

  1. Paul Forney

    you sure have a lot on your plate. perhaps the business ventures are a good diversion to the medical dynamics.

    bro paul


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