sissy bar & blip quality

I’m hoping that during this process, it won’t get to the point where I’ll need to tell myself, fairly firmly, “don’t dare be a sissy and don’t dare get on the sissy bar.”  Chances are great that I will walk completely away from this.  Which means that this is a temporary medical bump, made curable by an impressive medical community.  Not long ago, the solution to this kind of cancer was  surgery, and it was brutal.  What I’m going through, all indications are, is not life changing in a dramatic way.  Not even close.

Everything is perspective.  Several years ago my son became paralyzed from the waist down from a sudden accident.  He went through a real life-changing situation.  That’s when life slaps you hard, stops you in your current track and forces you to do a 90.  No choices.  My son, and others like him, are the brave ones, the real-life heros.  As they headed down the path of life, their paths were dramatically and violently altered.  Their paths became massively more challenging than most of us can imagine.  The path I’m on only appears to have a bump, and we all have bumps of different kinds that won’t alter our path.

We all experience three major events while we are here.  We are born, we live, and we die.  The living part in the middle takes a few blips longer than the events on either end.  Some of us live a fraction or two of a blip longer than others.  Thing is, everyone has full responsibility for their own blips.  And no one has the responsibility for another’s blip quality.  We own our blips and we own the quality of those blips.  We may attract others in our lives who affect the blips one way or another, but we own them.

For eons, philosophies, religions, people around the world have been trying to define blip quality.  Many think it’s simply leaving a net positive impact (as opposed to a net negative).  I like to think of blip quality as staying off the sissy bar.  Lots of emotions and reactions can drive us to the sissy bar.  Complaining is one example.  And if we get to the sissy bar, it means we’ve lost control, at least temporarily, of our blip quality.

When I think of my son, and others who’ve had life rattling or violent experiences, my hairs tingle slightly knowing if that were me, I’d have fallen off the sissy bar and into a giant pool of sissy quicksand.  Reconstructing blip quality for those who’ve been forced to do a 90 takes extreme courage.

So perspective is tapping me on the shoulder, humbling me as I think of those who’ve received giant challenges.  My throat cancer ball pales in comparison.  As long as I get rid of it before I get all chocked up, perspective will be a good friend.  With perspective’s good guidance, I’ll stay off the sissy bar.

3 thoughts on “sissy bar & blip quality

  1. martha c. wood

    People are emailing me to say they are in love with you. You must be doing everything right at this time of the unthinkable. The thinkable is that you will, can come out of this
    absent blips.

  2. Lynda Doane

    If there is a time or action I can support you in your blip quality I would be honored at the chance. The hearts of myslelf and my family are with you.

  3. Lynda Doane

    If there is anything I can do to serve your blip quality I would be honored to do so. My heart and the heart of my family is with you. Love you Steve


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