Went back to the dentist today (oncology) to collect my mouthpiece(s).  He was slightly more cheerful this time.   The receptionist recognized me right away.  Said she never lost anyone’s health card before, and no, in one week, she hasn’t managed to find mine.

Arrived early hoping to get out early (because I was in the process of dragging large hockey bags (of bags) to a new office space uptown).  Success.  And, as a bonus, in the comfort of the reclined dental chair, unwittingly snagged a 15 minute deep snooze mid-afternoon.

I’m only in the chair to try on the upper and lower mouthpieces.  Teeth guards, not  much different from those used by participants playing impact sports.  I’m required to wear them during radiation.  Don’t know exactly why they are required unless radiation ends up similar to an impact sport.  He tells me they are just protocol.  He also reminds me not to forget the prescription toothpaste.

Looks like I’m free until the 1st of October.  Strangely, the throat is much less sore.  But, talking is more of a chore.  Perhaps the tumor moved down a bit.  I’m sure they’ll find the exact spot prior to zap time.

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