Winning, conquering, beating, curing, healing,…

Which is it?  All, and more.  Googled “throat cancer” the other day and a few lines down was a picture of M. Douglas with a quote “I’ll beat this.”  And, we all hope he does and he will.  That’s confidence.  Innate confidence of self-survival is critical.

It does seem strange though, that we can define beating a sickness, or a disease, like we would beat a team in a playoff, or a political opponent.  So many times we see the bravado confidence of both sides in a contest declaring themselves the victor, or beating the other, and we know one will loose.

In the case of malignant cells, they’ve simply declared existence.  And their mere existence signifies a battle.  A contest.  But this competitor, or rather enemy, like many other types that invade or are born in our organisms, do so in a stealthy, silent way.  They don’t play or fight fairly.  They can exist for an unknown period of time, raging damage before we know there is a battle that needs to be fought.

Therefore when we get the message that we need to go to war, many of us hire a team of experts, knowledgeable in certain forms of battle strategy, and set up and employ a tactical plan, complete with a declaration of confidence at being victorious.  And why not.  Our cells listen (most of the time).  They are obedient soldiers ready to carry out clear instructions from central command.

The trick is knowing how to clearly communicate those instructions.  Because this opponent doesn’t just need to be beaten, but annihilated.   This opponent can’t just be beaten into loosing, or into submission.  We need to (be able to) wage a kind of cellular genocide.  These cancer cells need to be exterminated.

During this phase two, the mission is organizing central command and readying my own killer cells for deployment.  And getting advice from other top commanders, those with intelligent and practical experience in focused annihilation of stealthy virus cells.  The process has me humbled, yet determined to be cured and healed (internally), even if the external declaration is framed in the context of a contest.

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