range of choices

In certain parts of the world, when something mysterious or sinister happens to our organism, there is no choice.  The only option is doing nothing.  But those of us who are fortunate enough, can obviously make decisions to do something.  Depending on where we are in the world, that process may take on decidedly different tracks.  Most of us in the U.S. take the conventional track.  We call it western medicine.  The alternative we may call eastern, holistic, homeopathic, or alternative.

My brother recently sent me a couple of links to radical fasting therapies as an alternative cure to cancer.  Discovered in Europe, fasting on water or certain raw juices, for extended periods, will starve the proteins on which cancer cells survive.  Literally being starved to death within the body, the tumor, or cancer cells, will shrink, die, and be eliminated.  Supposedly this has been proven in over tens of thousands of cases.

Eastern approaches include, but are not limited to; acupuncture, foot reflexology, magnetic therapy, root and herbal cures, etc.  The attractiveness of these more holistic approaches (including fasting therapy) is that they are more natural, less invasive, and less harsh.

Our conventional (predominately western) approach is a tad more drastic. If we find an abnormality, we cut it out. If that would get messy, then we replace that part.  Or we may go the nuclear radiation route, anything in the way gets blasted.

Whichever approach, there are advocates who will readily stand by their methods.  In a way, I’m fortunate that I live in New York City and have the availability of state-of-the-art western facilities and top notch health care professionals.  At the same time, I’m fortunate that my wife is connected to various masters in the alternative world.  A broad view never hurt anyone.

Evaluating multiple approaches doesn’t mean that they can be mixed and matched.  One of the questions asked in radiology was whether I am taking vitamins or herbal supplements.  Going into radiation they say, is better done without any supplemental antioxidants, and without prescribed herbal supplements — they might lessen radiation’s effectiveness.

Being in the track-deciding mode depends, perhaps in part, on how early the cancer is detected.  It’s hard to argue against the value of regular check-ups and preventative maintenance.  In the case of M. Douglas, and myself, misdiagnosis played a part in not catching the disease at a more opportune stage.  Cure time now is more precious.  There may be a formula out there in the ether waiting to be scribed to paper.  Something like: degree of choice range is proportional to stage of malignancy divided by square root of growth rate, over factor of affected body part, times coefficient of overall physical condition.

Back to the range.  Prior to the biopsy, I was evaluated by a master foot reflexologist, a nun who looks and acts like Mother Theresa. She told me flat out that I don’t have cancer and that I definitely should not get a biopsy nor should I seek radiation or chemo treatment.  She said I had a foreign body on the base of my tongue which caused an infection and could be worked out with reflexology. She was serious and insistent about her evaluation.

That same week, I saw a couple of experts in Chinese medicine, magnetism, herbal, acupuncture, body/face reading. They told me I could think my way out of the throat problem. I was, perhaps, keeping something inside, bottled up, that created the throat tumor.  If I un-bottle myself, I’d be attacking the cause.  A different expert reflexologists told me (that same week) that I should get a biopsy and, that if I had daily foot reflexology it would compliment the radiation/chemo treatment.

And, as mentioned in an earlier post, the two bio-energy doctors both recommended the biopsy, and both had different potions (concoctions of herbs & vitamins), that I should take 3/4 times per day for the next several months to bring the balance of the immune system into alignment.  Since I traveled to Colombia yesterday for a quick 4-day business trip, I’m taking the opportunity to see one of the bio-energy Drs. while I’m here for his opinion (again) on complimentary supplements.

I’m sure I’m missing various other approaches one could take to cure a throat cancer tumors and other cancers.  Even within the our conventional western world there are different approaches.  At this stage, as much as a holistic approach sounds attractive, time is not a luxury.  But, picking out certain parallel (holistic) therapies that would compliment the radiation/chemo might be a logical approach.  So logical in fact, that the range is being quickly narrowed.

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