Odds and end of phase two

It appeared a fortuitous sign, the x-ray/simulation appointment at the hospital today was cancelled due to flooding.  They called in the morning with a delay notice, and then later with the cancel notice.   I’m supposed to just “come in to the scheduled appointment on Monday morning”.  Well that just didn’t compute!  The Monday appointment is to start radiation.  Are we just canceling a step?

So I called the radiation guy and he said that they’d do both steps Monday morning back-to-back.  The step today was to make sure all last minute alignments are in place as a double check.  Not a step I’d like to see missed, so I wanted to double check that they would have time to double check.  Not every day you have the pleasure of being nuked in the neck.  Monday is also the day I’ll receive the first shot of chemo, which means a day and night in the hospital, not to mention getting the PEG tube put in.

While on the phone, I asked the rad guy if there was any chance I could avoid the brachytherapy (he calls it a brachy boost) later on and he says that with the type of cancer I have, they’ve had very good success (+97%) using this localized radiation seed implant.  Not doing so, he says, opens up a little door for problems later on.  It may appear that the cancer is eradicated, but it’s impossible to tell for sure.  There are different types of remission and the bastard cells can come roaring back months or years later.  Better to take the extra step he says.  Also, he can lessen the dial on the radiation for the next 6.5 weeks knowing I’ll be getting the boost later.  So I asked if the lessening of radiation will enable me to avoid the PEG tube, and he says again, not a good idea.  Strike two against trying to avoid multiple holes being opened in frontal section.

Part of my homework was picking up several prescriptions prior to Monday morning, which I did today.  One of the prescriptions – for chemo nausea control was quite costly, over $400 for two days of pills.  I asked the pharmacist why so expensive.  She says because it’s for “chemo.”   Nice cornered market.  So I pleasantly tell the nice pharmacist that I won’t be filling that prescription.  I’ll feel less nauseous not spending the four bills.  Will take my chances.

So looking forward to a nice relaxed weekend, the last weekend, pre radiation.  It’s new toothpaste from here on out.

7 thoughts on “Odds and end of phase two

  1. Stryker Warren jr.

    You remain in my thoughts and prayers; you certainly are healthy as any patient could be when presenting for treatment. A BIG advantage, as is your outlook on all this: well-informed, appropriately skeptical and prepared to ask the tough questions. I will be thinkinng of you on Monday as you embark upon this odyssey.

    Best, Stryker

  2. Yvonne

    You amaze me.I was in the middle of a poor me party because of my boss, and read your blog. You were able to find something to be positive about when you are facing something so “weird”. I need to stop sweating the small stuff and remember to smell the roses and be thankful for the little things in life. Thanks reminding me of what’s important.

    1. Throat Cancer 2010 Post author

      Hi Yvonne, Thanks for your message. And, thanks for reading the blog. If any of my little thought words had an effect like you wrote, then I’m humbled and grateful. Stay well and look forward to meeting up you & Brian again sometime soon.

  3. Stryker Warren jr.

    Spaghetti-O-mon: You have likely enjoyed the “in-patient” experience which takes “weird” to a new level–as will the itemized bills from 39 different departments that arrive in separate envelopes, with disparate addresses, on different days. Can hardly wait to “see” the hospital stay through your eyes. I confess I have this mental picture of you up on your trainer in full aero-position in Rm. 2D, teeth bared, bare ass hanging outta your “NYC Hospital” stenciled gown and sweat pouring off you while a Jon Stewart rant blares from the wall-mounted TV. . . then I realize it’s that very image that convinces me you shall not only win this battle, you shall kick its ass. Steve, we view you are a warrior, a cynic, a well-tuned athlete, a guy who “age-graded” is likely 18 years old, and a guy with not only the will-to-win, but to take no prisoners in the process. FS, be strong, be focused, be aware of the love and exceptionally great karma being banked in your account. Luv ya mon, Stryker

    1. Throat Cancer 2010 Post author

      Stryker, thanks again for your comment. I’ve already started receiving some statements from names and addresses I do not recognize, all with “amounts due.” And all to be settled (& written about) later in some form. The guy you are describing above is, in part, more like you. You are the only young looking, hard body, warrior-type (mature) guy I know. But by all means, I am and will be forever grateful for the karma/love-accumulating bank account. FS.

  4. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fredeo-Spaghetti-Oh: The bank account is open to all depositors, so I am certain the unabashed affection/fat-free karma balances shall grow exponentially–but in your name alone. And fear not, should Goldman Sachs declare bankruptcy (that would quailfy for your weird category), your account is in a small, rural NorCal S&L and exceptionally safe. Dick Fuld, with whom you likely hob-nob, can only deposit. . . he cannot take an advisory fee, he cannot turn your karma into a synthetic instrument and sell it off to distant third parties, and his ineptitude cannot put it at risk should the markets collapse due to his stupidity.
    Concerning your therapy and subsequent convalescence, I long for the day when I shall again see Mer in the “pace car” with you and Pete wheeling into Lynda’s in Lancaster in the fading light at the tail-end of the Chitown-Lancaster draft-legal ride that ended with your submitting to one of a number of properly chilled drafts that were proffered. Mythical and bold; the stories of the sights & sites, sounds and overall experience were riveting. Of course on Sunday you vanished with nary a word; it was at about 3 p.m. I learned you were on a 7 a.m. Greyhound bound for GS. Now that was weird.
    Please let me assist you in asking for more detail on the disparate diagnostic and therapeutic invoices. The lab tests are where it gets especially interesting should they “unbundle” chem panels and the like.
    Finally, it was only this afternoon that your sister Susan Marie informed me that you were not ingesting small candy via a PEZ tube. . . she thought my conclusion on that topic was way-weird. I shall now go back and more thoroughly read your blog to understand what auxillary system has been introduced for nutritional purposes.
    In the meantime, we love ya man, we expect you to kick this thing completely, and we expect you to invite us to South America to celebrate your triumphant return to full-time entrepreneurism as he beloved Ugly American on the otherside of the chemrad buffet. Be strong, be good, be grateful for GS. Hugs, Stryker


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