A separate calendar of to-do’s

I may not have given the bio-energy guy all the credit he deserves (in a prior post). Although credit is truly deserved after input yields positive results.  Nevertheless, the bio guy armed me with good advice, supplements and other assorted drops of stuff.  The first time I saw him, one of the things he did was take blood out of one arm, mix it with a solution called procraina, and injected it back into my navel and my other arm.  He said it was a type of “self-inoculation” for the body to seek out and create defenses.  Anyway, my current regime from him is the following:

For immune system

  • Palo de arco (pau d’arco) 3 capsules @ 3 x’s daily
  • Colostrum, 2 capsules @ 3 x’s daily
  • Selenium (100 mg), 2 @ 3 x’s daily
  • Retiblan (100,000 iu) vit A, 1 @ once daily

For HPV (he gives this to women with cervical cancer)

  • 5 different bottles of drops numbered 1-5.  Started five days ago with bottle no 1 taking 10 drops every 3 hours @ 4 times daily.  Day two = bottle #2, day three bottle #3 and so on.  At day six, today, return to bottle #1 and start the rotation over.  (There is enough for weeks)

For throat

  • Calendula (marigolds) essence – 40 drops @ 4 times daily, gargled and then swallowed
  • Calendula tea – leaves as infusion – several times daily
  • Aloe Vera – balm from the plant – apply to the neck & take 3 teaspoons 3 x’s daily
  • Arcilla – (also recommended from Peru), mix with my own urine (from morning), and apply to outside of neck in the evening.  Also, take (yes swallow) a half of teaspoon 3 x’s per day.

For good measure

  • Ozone oil drops (specially made) – 15 drops every morning and night.

I made the mistake of asking bio guy if, taking all the stuff above, I’d be contradicting the benefits of said stuff by drinking coffee.  Holding my breath for the response,  I auto-cringed hearing the answer.  No coffee.  A major bummer.  Oh well, a chance to dust off the green tea pot.

In addition, he recommended a book and suggested that both my wife (GV) and I read. After immediately purchasing the electronic copy, came home to find out that GV had it and read it two years ago.  Anyway, the author updated a new edition recently – Anti-Cancer, A New Way of Life, by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, Phd.  Written by a doctor who found out, by accidental exam, that he had cancer.  The book is his own story built on extensive research about not only how to greatly improve your odds at combatting cancer, but also lifestyle recommendations for preventing cancer—in ways complimentary to traditional western medicine.  It’s an excellent read and a highly recommended book for anyone.

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