day four

Woke up today feeling much better.  The pace to this morning’s therapy was more than a touch quicker.  On the way home from therapy though, I started slowing down.  Must have been the previous day without food.  That can’t or shouldn’t happen.  One of the most important things is staying nourished.  Critical.  I’ve been bad and that’s not good.

The challenge still is dealing with this feeding tube, both the ache and controlling the protrusion (taping it down).  I’m sure given a little more time, it will be a good friend, the kind you appreciate and put up with.  Even when I’m not using it, it still must be flushed  with water to be kept clean.  When putting anything in the stomach via the mouth, the stomach electrolytes leak up into the tube as the tube now is a direct funnel to the stomach.

On another bright note, I did accomplish purchasing a folding bike today.  It’s (somewhat) lightweight and easy to dismount.  A relatively inexpensive physical therapy device.  Because it’s the easiest way (cycling) to get around nyc, I took it uptown to my office this afternoon, then this evening for an errand down near Wall Street.  I didn’t have the energy to go downtown, but it was an errand that needed to be done.  The time down and back on a bike easily beating any time I could have made via subway or taxi (one hour trip).  But I did arrive back home completely bushed.

Fortunately, I was greeted with an excellent foot/reiki session from GV, a nice vegetable soup with tofu, some green tea, an acrilla wrap around the neck (clay mixture), and I’m almost new and ready for bed.  Except for two new things.  After the therapy today I’ve had 1) ringing in my ears all day and, 2) my voice is getting hoarse.  I don’t think I’ll be talking to myself in my sleep, but I may be dreaming with a high pitched sound.  Wrote an email this evening to the Rad Dr asking if both these symptoms are common.  I have not read they were, but this process, evidently, will be full of surprises.

I also managed to begin my tongue and swallowing exercises today, a daily workout I shouldn’t miss.  Now if I could only remember to not rinse my mouth out after I brush my teeth with the special toothpaste.  Such an auto habit–one immediately following the other.  But that’s what I’m going to do right now.  It’s late and I’ve got an early morning week-ending session to look forward to tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “day four

  1. Stryker Warren jr.

    FS: Thanks for the update; you are an inspiration to those of us annoyed with minor inconveniences such as headaches and headcolds which we choose to use as excuses for throttling back. Clearly you choose otherwise. Ironic, last night I was reviewing the Lemond Revolution trainer so I could “sit” and be stationary in my office at about the same time you were mini-biking on an errand. With your indefatigable use of your new wheels, I officially dub this odyssey of Chemrad, the FS “Tour de Force”. You are the monster for sure. Hope you slept well and the “bushed” part has departed. Luv ya man, swjr

  2. Chris Sanderson

    Freddie, great that you are taking the time to consider the slow pedestrians, lift and carry bags considerably heavier than a coffee cup, and take bike rides around the city. Most of which I would worry about after a leg workout, you are doing after chemo/rad. All things considered, you read as though you are dominating the adverse effects. I only imagine you using the PEG, once you have come to terms with each other, on bike rides to ingest foods in a more convenient fashion than chewing and drinking. They might have to fight you to take it out once you figure out how to rig up a CamelBak to it. Thanks for writing and inspiring!


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