Day five, end of week one

Today finished the first week of treatment, now looking forward to a weekend (trying) to build back up for another week.

Some pics of radiation set up.  The picture taker and the technicians had to leave prior to radiation — exiting through a very large thick lead door.


Head gets bolted down so there is no possible movement.  It’s only about 10-15 minutes, and the trick is swallowing with the hard sponge popsicle keeping your mouth open.



After today’s treatment, had the dressing changed around the external tube hole, which means that I can start showering and getting it wet.


First time bandage has been off.  A relief. The bandage must have been part of the problem.




Liquid food is poured in via a large syringe (not shown).

Gravity takes it down,…slowly.




And now for a new type of dressing.  An expandable gauge body wrap over top.




And this new set-up seems much more comfortable, the nozzle peaking out the top.

We’ll see what the weekend bring.


4 thoughts on “Day five, end of week one

  1. martha c. wood

    What an education we are all getting. What sensitizing of Spirit for us all. Thank you, Steve, for sharing this incredible and heroic journey.

  2. Richard Lake

    Keep your head up, Steve-o. I am learning an incredible amount through your post. Can’t wait till it’s all over and your down here again.

  3. Stryker Warren jr.

    FS: WOW, now I know why you mentioned pain and discomfort; this hardly connotes “modern medicine” when one initially reviews the photoshoot, but it certainly dramatizes the procedures you’ve experienced and ensures a new appreciation for your descriptions. Love the Camelback reference; particularly relevant. Very impressive you are doing what you have described in your blog entries yet maintaining your sense of humor, perspective and the stamina to share it all with others. And, nice abs. The med center may approach you for their collateral materials and patient education materials. . . you should hold out for top dollar, mon.

    Luv ya; stay strong, Stryker


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