Day five, end of week one

Today finished the first week of treatment, now looking forward to a weekend (trying) to build back up for another week.

Some pics of radiation set up.  The picture taker and the technicians had to leave prior to radiation — exiting through a very large thick lead door.


Head gets bolted down so there is no possible movement.  It’s only about 10-15 minutes, and the trick is swallowing with the hard sponge popsicle keeping your mouth open.



After today’s treatment, had the dressing changed around the external tube hole, which means that I can start showering and getting it wet.


First time bandage has been off.  A relief. The bandage must have been part of the problem.




Liquid food is poured in via a large syringe (not shown).

Gravity takes it down,…slowly.




And now for a new type of dressing.  An expandable gauge body wrap over top.




And this new set-up seems much more comfortable, the nozzle peaking out the top.

We’ll see what the weekend bring.