week two, day two

Completed rad session number seven today.  Total is 33.  Still slugging around though. Weekly on Tuesdays are separate meetings with the Radiation Oncologist and Dr. Chemo.  I come out of both appointments with the same message: don’t loose more weight.  I’ve lost 10 pounds in one week so far and I couldn’t afford to loose anything.  Now, it’s getting mission critical.

It’s damn hard to eat when you have that blunted nauseous feeling.  The nausea could still be a combo of chemo and rad, but, they say, should be passing soon.  Until then, I’ve got to do the following: 1) bump up the anti-nauseous medication, 2) start taking pain pills regularly, 3) start taking laxatives regularly, 4) start augmenting diet with liquid cans of nutrition down the stomach tube.

The other issue which has surfaced today is now a very sore tongue.  The rad guy said this is because the radiation treatments are made slightly worse by some bouncing around of the rad rays off the metal in my mouth (fillings, crown).  Hence, a principal reason I’ll need to be back on the pain pills.

Without eating anything, I should be downing six cans of this milky Jevity 1.5 crap.  Just watching the brown creamy mixture flow down the tube is sickening.

Both doctors seemed quietly surprised by the fact that this was starting to hit me hard at the beginning of the second week.  So I guess my internal fettle is not coping well with the whirlwind of foreign stuff its being asked to handle.

Got to hop on my bike for another appointment, avoiding as many bumps as possible.  Not having eaten anything already at 5pm, means that I’ve got to beeline home afterwards and try to do the feed-tube thing.  May not be up for writing after that.

3 thoughts on “week two, day two

  1. Little Sister Lynda

    You are a soldier batteling in a war big brother…… but the enemy is un aware of your uncanny
    strength and battle tactics. Times of exhaustion and pain will not way your internal strength
    in your soul, but will ignite the fever of overcoming. You will arise at the end holding the Flag
    of Health & Strength.
    Love you Big Brother…..

  2. paul

    continue to check your blogs everyday.

    as I indicated before, given your talent at writting, after you press through this perhaps you will begin your first book. I look forward to reading your first novel.

    just a thought; are you able to juice fresh vegatables, and then send the juice down the feeding tube or is that not advisable?

    any way, may you pork up and get fat


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