It’s almost like going to the office now.  Walking in the front door at the hospital and the security guard nods and says hi.  He knows where I’m going.  Down in the radiation department it’s “hi mr. spaghetti, how’d it going today?”  So it’s kind of routine now.  Today was a nice routine within the routine.  In at 6:55 for the seven o’clock appointment and out by 7:30.

What struck me today was leaving.  When I walked out, two guys were waiting their turns sitting in the waiting room.  They stopped talking, looked up and both gave warm, genuine smiles.  One of the guys is having his entire esophagus canal radiated and they don’t know whether it will work.  Don’t know what the other is having done, but if you are waiting for the machine on a daily basis, it’s only for one thing.  But they both wore smiles.  Those smiles made me pause, made me think about blip quality and the fact that we own how we feel.

Yesterday I attended a noon meeting at a club in the Federal Building downtown.  As they opened the meeting, the facilitator asked me, while he was reviewing the agenda, if I could come up with an inspiring “quote of the day.”  I couldn’t say no, but no quote was popping into my throbbing head.  With luck, the person next to me had a handheld device with some ready-made quotes I could scan through.  The first one I found seemed appropriate.

Three minutes later I was called up and gave a quote from Oprah Winfrey, who apparently said, “you can turn your wounds into wisdom.”  My impromptu explanation was that whether you have a physical wound, a emotional wound, or even something bothersome and trivial like being cutoff on the sidewalk, we all have the ability of thinking that the entire universe is conspiring to our benefit.  Changing thought pattens or perspective, (re)directs energy flow opening up unforeseen opportunities and we can become wiser in spite of ourselves.

But this blog is not about the esoteric is it?  With all the blogiating about pain here or there or the fact that my tongue today feels twice its size, this is only meant to be a document. Right?

Regardless, the take away from today’s rad shot were the two genuine smiles by two guys waiting their turns, who, on the surface, could easily not have been smiling.  They both unwittingly gave me a little gift.  I can only hope their gift made me a little wiser.

Now, where are those pain pills and laxatives?


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