Today was the weekly visits with Dr. Rad and the Chemo guy.  Chemo guy takes blood to make sure I’m not too whacked with the platelet counts.  The whites and reds are not where they should be under normal circumstances, but they are not too far off either and under current circumstances they are fine.

The last couple of days, more so today, is a new phase inside the mouth.  Tongue and throat are apparently reacting to rad, finally.  And, the pain is saying, don’t stick solid food in your mouth unless you intend swallowing immediately.  Not being a fan of swallowing solid un-chewed food, means it’s now a liquid diet.  The bright side is that I can still swallow, albeit delicately.   Contentment has settled to a new level.

3 thoughts on “w3/d2

  1. Richard Lake

    Jesus, good thing for that “gut port”.

    I think I’d go nuts not being able to eat things I love w/o an explosion of violent pain in my mouth. I don’t know how you do it but I guess you have no choice—just like riding up Los Balsos to my place after Boqueron. Not pretty.

    Great to hear from you, Steve-o. And keep us informed. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I tell you how much we appreciate the updates.

  2. swarrenjr

    Freddie-Spaghetti: U R the warrior; that simple. At this point I’d be gargling the laxatives and drinking the gargle; you are an amazing patient and exceptionally patient. Each day you share new perspective which causes me to assess, reassess and then assess again. I feel fortunate at many levels. You have taken the patient experience and shined it through a prism. Thank you for your candor and for your sense of humor. I am sure I am one of many if offered the opportunity to give you a day off without sacrificing the therapeutic benefits of the cumulative “rad” experience would step up, step in and step out on your behalf. Be strong Freddie. Sending you extra-strength good karma, best wishes, and luv. . . Stryker

  3. Little Sister Lynda

    White bloods cells I give you power
    Red blood cells I strangle in the hour

    Get ready, get ready, here comes the white
    Fear, fear, you little baddy reds

    Pure dark chocolate absorb in the body
    Yes, watch the red will no longer folly

    Chemo and rad have no bad
    Look, look the reds are running

    Success, success we will see
    The whites are strong and do forsee

    Pain oh yes but pain will flee
    We will see the whites proceed


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