It just dawned on me today why I’ve got the extra-sore mouth so early in the process.  It’s because I’m an oddball.  An oddball at least when it comes to having sensitive lining.

Coffee time these past few years has been just that.  It’s time enjoying a cup, or two, of coffee.  No hurry.  However, over the years whenever I did order a cup of joe that I wanted to drink without having the cup sit in front of me forever, I always asked for an ice cube or two.  That way I could in fact start drinking the coffee without waiting for 15 minutes to take the first sip.

When it’s coffee time, I pour the coffee and it’s minimum 10 minutes before I can touch the stuff.  GV on the other hand can start sipping immediately.  I’ve tried to sip hot beverages relatively soon after they were served, but always ended up getting burnt and regretting that sip.  We all know what a burnt lip, tongue, mouth, or throat feels like from eating or drinking something too hot.  Even the densest of people don’t need to repeat getting burnt from hot liquids before they learn not to.

So really, it’s never ceased to amaze me how most people can dive right into hot coffee or tea, hot soup, a slice of hot pizza and me just watching and waiting.  I’ve been with many folks over the years who’ve been more than half finished their hot whatever before I’ve been able to begin.  So the light bulb flashing today told me that radiation most probably works similar.  I’ve just got sensitive interior lining.  The nurses were surprised by the fast development of my welts, so this must be proof of this sensitivity.

Psychologically it’s a little relieving knowing that my p factor is really not as great as it may have been.  After all, the welts are huge and the pain meds, not doing much.  Luckily I did find an over-the-counter liquid ointment called Anbesol which can be dabbed onto the sores and they remain at half intensity for about 15 minutes.

I had one of the most difficult sales meetings I’ve ever had this afternoon.  Would not have gone but it was important.  Just prior to walking into the meeting I dabbed Anbesol around the mouth and was able to talk for a while.  Then in the middle of the meeting, I had to excuse myself to go dab some more.  By the end of the meeting I felt like I was talking with a speech impediment.  I was surprised that they didn’t ask what the problem was as I was talking delicately and with a weird pronunciation.  Surely they were being polite and letting me have a moment.

Bottom line for the last day of the third week — my mouth is a wreck.  It’s a pain I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  And, the kind of pain that will finally drive me to meditation.  I’ve got to learn how to take time out of the day and embrace this.  Meditation might be the answer.  Well, meditation and pain meds.

To prove how radiation can effect even the strongest of creatures, the little guy below (about as long as my index finger), seems to have collapsed after his rad treatment today. He (or she) didn’t make it out of the hospital.  The blue doors is the entrance to radiation treatment.

7 thoughts on “w3/d5

  1. swarrenjr

    Freddie: Richard said it all, no need to comment tonite, Richard is a man of few words and they are the appropriate words. Martha, hope you agree despite the lexicon chosen. Goodnite Freddie. Luv ya mon, swjr

  2. Mother

    Have as peaceful a weekend as you can.
    Good Karma . Much love.
    PS Your Dad had a sensitive mouth,seriously.

  3. Richard Lake

    Sorry about that one, mom, and everyone else. Got too emotional and forgot my place. Promise to be more civil w/my posts.

  4. Mother

    Richard, Mom did not see your post but whatever you said I know you are supporting
    Steve. You have my blessings.
    That mother person

  5. Elizabeth

    I have that same heat disability! It can be frustrating when those cold days really benefit from something hot. Perhaps treat your mouth like that hot drink with an ice cube or two! Enjoy the weekend break.

    1. Throat Cancer 2010 Post author

      Tks 4 the ice cube sug. I do one once in a while to cool things off. Mi madre reminded me that my father has the same sensitivity. I had forgotten. There aren’t many of us.

      When GV makes her tasty soups, I generally have an extra bowl staged in the freezer. When she serves the soup in the first bowl, it doesn’t take long for the bowl to get hot to touch. I then transfer the soup to the staged bowl and intermittently stir until staged bowl gets hot. Then I transfer the soup back into the original bowl which I had since rinsed and cooled down, again, stirring intermittently. At that point the temperature is tolerable, but only eating Amy Vanderbilt style of spooning from the top outside edge (but while still giving each spoon a couple of short blows of air). Whew. With GV’s delectable soups though, it’s all worth it.


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