adios week 3

Went for a nice long walk this afternoon along the Hudson River.  Of course I didn’t leave home without a little kit of mouthwashes and ointments.  And I sure did need them every 20 minutes or so.  GV is kindly obliging me to mostly silence.  I’m doing more and more hand language, opening my mouth only when necessary.   And, my definition of necessary has been changing at the same time.

Prior to the walk, as I was showering, the next surprise was clumps of hair pulling out of the bottom part of the back of my head.  Supposedly, I’ll have a new hair line designed as part of the therapy.  The design is a bonus and I’ll get to see more of its shape in the coming days.  Can hardly wait.  In the meantime, one more free day tomorrow before it’s back in the hospital Monday for the second round of chemo.

3 thoughts on “adios week 3

  1. swarrenjr

    Freddie: The hirsute thing is an interesting topic. Industries are built around it and vanity plays a big part. Being follically challenged for years, I have focused my attention on hats and the ability to avoid hitting my head entering and exiting the car. Nonetheless, the transition to a lesser need for exotic shampoos and conditioners can be difficult. In your case, I presume this is a transitory nuisance and your post-radchemo recuperative period will permit restoration of your coif. Lemme know if I might send a hat or two; only require an address. (I do remember that stylish bandana you wore under your helmet as you sped into the Lancaster neighborhood several summers ago. That might be your first choice.) So, I can offer style options if you seek second opinions on coverage. Beyond that, I send good karma to your account with the hope those deposits will assist in defeating senor tumor, improving your comfort, and ensuring a speedy and complete recovery. Stay strong, stay focused. Luv ya mon, swjr

    1. Throat Cancer 2010 Post author

      swjr, thanks for the hat offer. But if I remember correctly, you have a medium size, brainy configured head, whereas I have a rather large, gobble-de-gook configuration. It would work if I sent you a couple of my hats, but I’m afraid I’d just stretch yours out of their natural shape. And I have scarves coming out of my ears. If vanity starts strangling me, which no doubt it will, I’ll just take one of the ends coming out of the ears, do a loop around the back, and tie it into a fashionable k-knot. As far as shampoo, I downgraded years ago to a simple, inexpensive natural product and use it for hair and non-hair parts of body. I’ll stick ur offer in your karma account. fs

  2. Mother

    The process is designed to heal. I echo Stryker: Stay strong, stay focused.
    You have so much love surrounding you. I am surrounded by survivors.


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