dribble addendum

It appears I was too short on credit for the oncology community when I implied they were linear in their approach. Today, I found a monthly calendar specific to Beth Israel Cancer Centers offering ongoing programs in: yoga, therapeutic yoga, reiki, aerobics, meditation, pool, knitting, and coffee talk. And in the hospital, they asked what two things they could do that would make my stay excellent. I told them, take the pain away and take the pain away. There is nothing else. So two hours later in comes a guy to perform music therapy for pain. Radically cool. He showed me several instruments and asked which ones I liked the most. I then laid back on the bed and he hummed and played. Then he coaxed me into breathing deeply and letting go of the pain.

It worked. Until it hurt again. But the moment was nice. Certainly nicer then the alternative, which is sitting in the hospital room not listening to music therapy.

But even still, nothing is bad as long as the tongue is not throbbing. As I write this, I’m sitting next to the IV while the Cisplatin is dripping away. And, at this very moment a woman walks into the room and asks if I’d like a reiki session. And the alternative is writing this post? Bye for now.