Back home from a day in the hospital so it’s back on anti-nausea narcotics for a few days.  The way I’m feeling, I won’t be missing any of those meds.

The hospital stay, if one must stay, was quite comfortable.  This time had a street view, (instead of the inside view last time).    The nurses this time though seemed to be rote about their duties.  Nevertheless, not a bad stay, all things considered.

All things except for eating.  Fortunately, my diet was liquid brown.  That didn’t stop them from delivering breakfast this morning which included: Rice Krispies, an Awrey’s Cinnamon Danish, box of cow milk, pat of margarine, coffee, non-dairy creamer, packaged oj, a hard boiled egg, and 10 packets of white granulated sugar.

It’s pretty incredible that a hospital, concerned with health and well-being, would serve junk food for nutrition.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Seems like a huge problem with our health care system.  The fact that most of us don’t understand the difference between nutritious food and junk.  Apparently?

About five years ago, in one of the very rare moments back then when I did pop on a morning news program prior to heading out the door, Katie Couric was interviewing the two co-authors of Younger Next Year on The Today Show.  One of the authors, Dr. Henry Lodge, who runs a large medical practice in NYC and has extensively studied evolutionary biology, offers in his most excellent book seven rules that would help us live significantly more vital lives, particularly in the second half.  Rule number five is “don’t eat crap” (he explains his rules in the book).  So Katie C asks him why does he need to use the word “crap” and couldn’t he find another word (I thought junk sounded a lot better).  Anyway, it struck me that she may have been right.  We’ve gotten so accustomed to eating crap, or junk, that we serve it in our hospitals as valid nutrition.

Let’s just take the Awrey’s Cinnamon Danish that was looking very delicious in its plastic wrapper.  Flipped over revealed an ingredient list that was 15 rows long.  The last thing I wanted to do was count, but while holding my feeding-tube syringe, I didn’t have anything else going on.  At line 10 was where my eyes went buggy so I stopped at 70 ingredients.  None were vitamins.  Maybe they were in lines 11-15.  Two ingredients were two different partially-hydrogenated oils.

How about the 10 packets of sugar?  Two were for the coffee and eight were for the cereal?  I was just glad to have the cans of brown.

3 thoughts on “w4/d2

  1. swarrenjr

    Freddie: I encourage you to have your photogenic, photocentric, photographeric sister compile a book of your excellent pix and journal. Michael Moore or Ken Burns to turn it into a film? HMMMM. You decide. Tells you a great deal about the management of health information that you had a tray of solid junk food. . . nice shot of your “chart”; loved it but you will be fined for leaking protected health information. The view out your window could only be NYC; thanks for sharing it. Wish you’d gotten a close up of the sugar packets; that is nuts. Freddie, I continue to marvel at your strength, sense of humor and perspective. You are an inspiration and I look forward to your daily musings. Thanks for your intellectual generosity; an “insider’s” perspective and food for the soul. Stay focused, stay strong. Luv ya mon, swjr

  2. Richard Lake

    70 inredients—no doubt the majority being HFC and other chemical poisons!
    Yet another reason why our US politics and the healthcare system need to be overhauled.
    It’s all corrupt. We can no longer “leave it to the experts”. It’s every man for himself and you better have done your homework.
    Until then keep it “brown”, Steve-o until you can eat normally and then follow to your own healthy diet.

  3. swarrenjr

    Freddie my man, thinking of you and sending you excellent karma. I trust the meds are helping and that your pain management program is providing you relief. I know you will beat this because of your strength and conviction as well as your wicked sense of humor. Luv ya mon, swjr


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