Not a cherry day.  Feeling the effects of the chemo.  That wonderful nauseas feeling.  The kind that makes you sluggish and not hungry when you must eat.  The kind that sucks up good energy and wants to spit it back at you.  This is my welcome to the middle of week four.  At this stage middle of first week post chemo (1st chemo), I didn’t feel this nauseas, but I’m guessing the loss of weight between then and now means less fighting power.

I went to the gym yesterday evening and rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes and then did some core without the core of the core (abs), to try to sweat out some of the chemo.  It felt relatively good, except that I couldn’t drink anything.  Not like I can whip out the stomach tube in the gym.  Anyhow, I swore to myself that I’d be back today, but yesterday’s determination flew the coup.  I didn’t make it.  Maybe tomorrow without swearing to myself.

Got me thinking back to day one of the therapy when I was about to undergo the PEG tube operation.  The doctor said, “I’m not going to sugar coat this for you, but the next two months of chemo/rad will just suck.”  He was right.  But what am I doing, this is not dwelling on the positive.  I’m glad to feel nauseas, and sluggish, with an ulcer ravaged tongue, writing a blog.  Because it’s just part of a short, memorable process.

3 thoughts on “w4/d3

  1. swarrenjr

    Let me make sure I got this right: the gym for “a spin” and then core strength training prior to chemo? That’s definitely W-A-R-R-I-O-R stuff. Period. Way to go Freddie, way to go!
    G’nite big guy, sleep tight; you WILL fight another day, that’s quite apparent.
    Nothing left to say but, WOW. Simply, WOW!

    1. Throat Cancer 2010 Post author

      no, no,..it’s after chemo. and don’t forget, I’m on narcotics so feelings are diluted.


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