Today was a little cherrier.  The concept of managing input/output is a struggle.  For years I’m healthy, vital, feeling good, eating real food.  From one day to the next, I’m still relatively healthy save for señor m.f. tumor which grew out of a virus and decided to birth itself on the base of my tongue.  So to get that out, I’ve got to have myself injected with poisons, zapped daily with radar which kills all good cells in the path, manage a array of pharmaceuticals, and switch from whole foods to a pasty brown liquid.

It’s no wonder the body is confused.  Just going from whole foods to straight supplements is enough to perplex the system.  But throw in the world of managing narcotics and it’s downright befuddling.  I should be taking a pain narcotic otherwise, one becomes focused on the stress of the pain.  But then what level of narcotic?  Level one and two didn’t work, now level three, a lower mg patch, adds the drowsy effect.  But add any kind of pain med and the issue then becomes managing constipation, which requires daily stool softeners and nightly laxatives.  And after chemo, it’s several days of managing anti-nausea medication.  If all that doesn’t sound cherry.

On the bright side, a lot of my work can be done via internet and email.  Yes, I still need to be calling and talking, but that is being waylaid and the emphasis is definitely on writing communication for the next month.  And, I’m very fortunate to have access to GV’s daily therapies, both foot reflexology and an occasional reiki session.  And, she prepares a very neat arcilla (clay) wrap which is tied around my neck every evening which stays on for about two hours.

But it’s going through this process that makes me appreciate how good it feels to feel good, naturally.  What a wonderful feeling waking up in the morning and feeling good, even if it is coaxed along with a tasty cup of coffee and a strong dash of good attitude (which we can instantly make ourselves).

4 thoughts on “w4/d4

  1. Richard Lake

    So are we halfway there yet? I imagine it will take a while after chemo’s finished before you feel better. Keep sluggin’ away, brother! Looking forward to our reunion w/a few “Aguilones” at the park.

  2. JA

    Thinking about you as you are now finishing w4/d5. Another week bites the dust toward kicking senor m.f. tumor. Love you.

  3. swarrenjr

    Freddie: As the week draws to a close your introspection serves as a vivid reminder to all of us to live life to the fullest and take nothing for granted. You are an inspiration. Stay strong my friend and HOORAY for GV’s love and support. Enjoy the weekend and get rested, as we want you to KO senor MF tumor. Luv ya mon.


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