The end of week four started out a little time consuming.  Showed up on time for the 7am rad treatment and the machine is down.  Again.  So a few of us had to relocate to the other location (good they have one).  Treatment was done about 10am, so only a three hour wait.

After the treatment, had an appointment with the speech/swallowing therapist for our mid-way appointment.  I haven’t been doing any of the exercises, especially the tongue exercises.  When she sees the large ulcers on the sides of the tongue, she says ok, don’t do the tongue exercises.  “They must hurt,” she says.  They do.  But, I’ve got to keep doing jaw range of motion and, especially since I’m using the peg, I’d better keep practicing the swallowing exercises.  Even though the back of my throat is now raw, it’s a must to keep swallowing at least water.  And that is a distasteful chore.

On the positive news front, I woke up this morning and realized that most of my face is baby smooth.  In other words, shaving is dramatically cut down — for the rest of my life.  It will just be a touch up on the upper right side and the upper lip.  No more beards for the balance?  Guess I can handle that.  Only upper lip hair and I’ve never been a bigote kind of guy.

3 thoughts on “w4/d5

  1. swarrenjr

    Freddie: Glad week four is in your rear view mirror. Enjoy your weekend; rest, exercises, rest, and go on the offensive again next week. You are remarkable.


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