Finally at the point where the day number won’t be higher than the week number.  Today’s radiation was treatment 21/33.  Twelve more.  But the worst part is the chemo effect.  This past weekend was not so pretty.  Saturday actually didn’t feel so bad.  A very good and long-time friend happened to be in town from San Francisco and stopped by for a visit.  Luckily for the visit, the chemo hadn’t pounded me yet so we were able to enjoy a couple of relaxing hours of catch up after several years.

However, starting Saturday evening and all day Sunday, it was the yuk category.  Sunday I didn’t leave the apartment at all.  With a very heavy metallic taste in the mouth and an overall nauseas and weak feeling, I had not desire to read, write, walk, or eat through the tube.  Hence, I didn’t do anything but try to get through the day.

This morning woke up feeling a nudge better but the walk to the treatment center was cold and slower.  After getting up from the treatment table,  had a little session of the dry heaves, which was weird.  Because eating is critical, I had re-fill the anti-nauseas medication so as I’m writing this early evening, things have stabled somewhat.  The seventh day after chemo seems to be the day that hits me the hardest — same lag as first chemo treatment.  If there was anyway to avoid the third chemo, I’d start gathering as many votes as I could.  It may be my next lobbying effort.

The weekly appointment with the rad Dr was today.  The normal Dr. Rad is in California this week so saw his stand-in.  He gave it to me straight.  Mr. Spaghetti, you have 12 more radiation treatments (2+ weeks) which means that the next six weeks, at least, will be challenging.  Don’t be a hero Spaghetti, take your pain medication and eat.