Finally at the point where the day number won’t be higher than the week number.  Today’s radiation was treatment 21/33.  Twelve more.  But the worst part is the chemo effect.  This past weekend was not so pretty.  Saturday actually didn’t feel so bad.  A very good and long-time friend happened to be in town from San Francisco and stopped by for a visit.  Luckily for the visit, the chemo hadn’t pounded me yet so we were able to enjoy a couple of relaxing hours of catch up after several years.

However, starting Saturday evening and all day Sunday, it was the yuk category.  Sunday I didn’t leave the apartment at all.  With a very heavy metallic taste in the mouth and an overall nauseas and weak feeling, I had not desire to read, write, walk, or eat through the tube.  Hence, I didn’t do anything but try to get through the day.

This morning woke up feeling a nudge better but the walk to the treatment center was cold and slower.  After getting up from the treatment table,  had a little session of the dry heaves, which was weird.  Because eating is critical, I had re-fill the anti-nauseas medication so as I’m writing this early evening, things have stabled somewhat.  The seventh day after chemo seems to be the day that hits me the hardest — same lag as first chemo treatment.  If there was anyway to avoid the third chemo, I’d start gathering as many votes as I could.  It may be my next lobbying effort.

The weekly appointment with the rad Dr was today.  The normal Dr. Rad is in California this week so saw his stand-in.  He gave it to me straight.  Mr. Spaghetti, you have 12 more radiation treatments (2+ weeks) which means that the next six weeks, at least, will be challenging.  Don’t be a hero Spaghetti, take your pain medication and eat.

4 thoughts on “w5/d1

  1. Stryker Warren jr.

    Freddie: I hope you shall follow the advice and counsel of Dr. #2 et al, regarding the pharmacology you prefer to avoid but which may permit comfort, decent rest and recovery, and deserved relief as you continue the battle. Pain meds are a good thing when you are otherwise compromising your ability to relax and recover so as to pursue and KO señor MF tumor. You sound determined to focus on the finish line and the path between here and there. May each step take you closer to the decisive clinical victory you so deserve. You remain a remarkable inspiration to those of us joining from afar. Sending you excellent karma. Luv ya mon, admire you and looking forward to your party!

  2. Susan Forney

    Spaghetti Fred: Your blog continues to create a profound connection to you. While it is clear that what you’re going through really sucks, your experiences and insights are somehow helpful. Perhaps because, if we could, we would physically be there for you. The desire to “make it better” is powerful.
    So … by sharing your blog, in some small way we get to make this journey with you. You’re running the marathon – we’re in the stands cheering for you.
    Love you,
    PS Be buckle bendy baby!


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