Eking into week five with Dr. Chemo’s weekly follow up meeting.  Took the obligatory blood tests and the main counts are all low but within normal for treatment.  One concern I voice is the constant pulsating ring in my head/ears, (although it may not be in my ears but only heard there?).  The ringing never goes away, day or night.  It’s definitely louder after the last chemo, but who’s to say if it’s a direct result of chemo or rad?  Perhaps both.

In any case, we need to monitor this (he says).  If this is still ringing next week, there is a good chance that I’ll skip the last chemo session.  Whoa.  Do I cheer the ringing or not?  For sure, I don’t want the last chemo session.  The doc says that with head/neck there are no clinical studies for two chemo sessions, only three.  However, he says, the success rate for two sessions is not appreciably less than three.  I’m guessing that means that they like to error on the conservative side of good records.  On the flip side, if the ringing persists, another chemo session could risk damage to the ears.  We’ll just see how it goes.

While there he did recommend that I get a flu vaccination.  I’ve never had one.  He convinces me saying that the downside of getting the flu with the immune system compromised are much greater than normal and that if I were to get the flu, it would be a nastier than normal.  So I rolled up my sleeve and the flu shot was a done deal.

On the throat front, there are new sores in the back of the throat.  And the adams apple feels like it has an additional lump, but I’m sure it’s just swollen from either the workout or the lack of workout.

In the meantime, I’ve still got to keep talking to a minimum.  I was on the phone the today for five minutes and had to excuse myself and hang up.  Burns to talk.

But all this is not complaining, only facts for the record.  The truth is, all I want to do is eat food.  Everything looks good.  GV gave me a half a cup of clear broth last night and I had to make faces to get it down.  Now that is a sky high p-factor.

5 thoughts on “w5/d2

  1. Little Sister Lynda

    Good decision on the Flu vaccine big bro. I am sure that GV makes the best broth in New York City and Peru and everywhere in between. Daughter Amy just said when you get better she will make you some homemade pumpkin pie from scratch. As last year it was not quite home made but this time it will be fully homemade. Love ya big brother

    1. Throat Cancer 2010 Post author

      Pls tell Amy that when my taste comes back I’ll be expecting that pie. but no granulated sugar please. (raw agave???)

  2. JA

    Whoa. Good thing you mentioned the ringing in the ears. Anxious to hear how that plays out for you. It seems a to be a bit of a catch 22: compromise hearing (possibly?) or don’t blast senor m.f. tumor (for 3rd round even though results could be “not appreciably less” than 2nd round). Sounds tempting to avoid chemo…but define “not appreciably less” and “possibly compromise hearing”. Geez. That’s a lot to swallow – with faces or no faces. When you are attempting to swallow liquid, does it matter: cold, warm, hot or do faces apply all around? Hang in there dad…this soon shall pass – you’re on the back half of this with more than half under your belt. You don’t just run a marathon overnight…you train heavily and run the gauntlet before the big day. You are almost there and then the day of the marathon and then…’phew’ the sweet sense of accomplishment. Maybe not the best analogy, but I’m sure you know what I mean. I love you. You got this!

  3. Mother

    A little bit about your history. When you were a little kid you could hear the piercing sound when you went in to certain stores that others of us could not. You found it
    very unpleasant. Always sensitive to high pitched sounds.
    Could it make a difference in the doctors view or relief approach? Just brain storming.


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