It’s not enough to try to regulate the non-stop burning sensation of the tongue or the consistent ache in the back of the throat, it’s now regulating bowel movements.  It’s not a pretty topic, but it’s reality.

Although I’ve taken the stool softener and laxative as instructed daily, I still have not gone in four days. So even though at times I don’t want to, I’m forcing down cans of liquid brown. That is, until today. Just can’t force it anymore.

So this afternoon went to the pharma and picked up a bottle of magnesium citrate and downed it. It worked before so hopefully it will again.  But at day’s end, still nothing. Which means that forcing brown down is done with more of a frown. Much longer and I’ll be walking like a clown.  Punch drunk jaw pain blather.

The real treasure of the day was planting a seed for the artist and adding a little water.  The blossoming was GV whipping up, over the course of a couple of hours, several liquid dishes I can now pour down the tube as excellent substitutes for liquid brown. She made broth of organic range feed beef, beets, carrots, quinoa, ginger.  Each one was steamed from fresh whole organic foods which were then blended and worked through a colander at least two times to become liquid enough to slide down the tube opening.  Even though I can’t taste any of it, it just feels good knowing that it’s good food. In Defense of Food kind of stuff.

Now I hope there’s no downside to not brushing teeth for days on end.   Brush head plus open sores don’t mix well.

1 thought on “w5/d4

  1. Mother

    I hear your, IN DEFENSE OF FOOD, description. As always those ingredients Gladys uses are healing and your memory bank of tastes and aromas is in play for a moment in time.
    Where is that Gastroenterologist when you need him? I vote for being a squeaky
    hinge in this regard. No enemas nor animus intended. Forgive the weak humor.
    We all do feel your unwelcome and extreme discomfort. Keep it coming because we want to be with you ’til we get to the end of what one of your friends called this Marathon
    Love ya!


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