For some reason, the tongue is still the biggest issue.  It’s now not just the sides, but the entire tongue.  The open sores on the sides are still there, but the issue is the entire tongue.  At times, it just feels like it’s on fire.  Ice cubes don’t help.  At other times, it feels like it’s locked inside a gripping pair of pliers. Either way, it’s a track stopper.

My weight is not something I can post.  It’s just too embarrassing.  More like sick.  Let’s put it this way: under 140.  Physically though, I don’t feel bad.

It’s all about the mouth.  There are times when the pain from the tongue grabs the entire left side of the jaw, including the teeth on both the upper and lower as well as the ear.  And it’s all inside, buried deep.   The nerve endings (or maybe beginnings) are having a pain party whether I like it or not.

So I’m doing whatever any red blooded human would do, I’m increasing the pain med level.  Which means that I’ve got to increase movement assistance meds.

This week I made my own batch of miracle mouth wash.  Talked a pharmacist into giving me the mix ratio and had the key ingredient already, lidocane. Just had to mix in equal parts benodryl and an antacid and–vuala.  Now armed with a new batch of miracle mouth wash, I can be seen walking anywhere close to my apartment with my mouth closed, and full of MM.

And yes, it does feel like something has been accomplished that five full weeks are behind me.  What lies in front is still a bit of an unknown.  With a heavy portion of resolve and a bucket or two of luck, hopefully it won’t be too drastic.


6 thoughts on “w5/d5

  1. Richard Lake

    Reading, listening and seeing every day of this. Not much to say but that it sucks and it’s progressing. Man that sucks!

    Wish you the best, Fred. And wish I could help you out in some way.

  2. Little Sister Lynda

    Give me those damn pliers that are gripping your tongue…….I will beat them to a pulp! Go great warrior…..Sir Freddie Speghett….

    1. Throat Cancer 2010 Post author

      write-might, u cannot possibly comment for “all” or the blog police would have this shut down long time back. breathing suggestion much appreciated, sympathetic aching, not so.

  3. Stryker Warren jr.

    Freddie: “With a heavy portion of resolve and a bucket or two of luck, hopefully it won’t be too drastic.” WOW. I hope you have a restful weekend, that the pain meds provide relief, and that MM complements the pain meds. Cannot imagine the constant discomfort, pain and prospect of additional chemo and radiation. You are a warrior and an inspiration. I also hope your GI tract awakens and remembers which direction things should move. I shall be in NYC/NJ the week of 11/15; would happily drop by to walk with you in the neighborhood or simply park on a park bench. Should you seek company to commiserate about the state of affairs, I’d be pleased to drop by. At the same time, I can appreciate you may wish no one lean on you for a shot of brown or a mouthful of MM–the descriptions are seductive, but you may wish to protect the magic formulae. Coke, brown, MM . . . recipes guarded. I can appreciate that. Alternatively, we could make appointments to visit sites for your party and discuss catering, music, party favors and seating arrangements. I continue to be impressed by your chronicles. Freddie, remain focused, stay strong, continue to be cynical, and tend to that lower GI tract. Oh yeah, also continue to focus on kicking Śeñor Μ₣ Ŧumōr in the ᧧. That simple: Kick that Śeñor Μ₣ Ŧumōr in the ᧧!!!!!


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