It’s so nice not to have started out today like yesterday.  Yesterday, first day of week six, was my first vomit day.  Here is was a nice Sunday late morning and I had finished downing a couple of cans of liquid brown and some asst liquid meds.  About 1/2 hour later, at the exact same time I was finally, after days, having a bowel movement, all of the stuff I put into the stomach via the tube came shooting out my mouth.  So difficult getting anything down the throat, but it sure does come up without a problem.  And fast.  And it’s a good thing I was fast and the little waste can next to the toilet had a bag.  Sorry for the not so eloquent pictorial, but this is a process diary.

So yesterday, instead of the six can equivalent day, it was a mere two can day.  Which only means that I’ve lost more weight.  Regardless, at least there was sun on the weekend and I was able to get the Hudson River both days for a little sunny riverside contemplation.

Receiving radiation treatment is a lot like doing most hard exercises.  Both put stress at the cellular level and cause damage.  And in both cases, after damage the body rushes necessary nutrients to the location to repair and rebuild the damaged area.  And if the nutrients are not available in the bloodstream (certain amino acids/protein), then it attacks muscle stores.  Hence, during the last month I’ve gone from being on the thin side to being just skinny.  And that’s not a tag any guy wants.

Back to today, rad session 26.  Today was actually the first time in this radiation process that the session started on time.  As usual, I was there at 10 minutes before the standing 7 am appointment time.  The old standby who is normally there is off for the next two days (her birthday).  As I’ve blogged a while back, OS has been doing this for 35 years.  The one who covered her shift today has been at if for about 15 years.

I asked how long only to check motivation factor.  Why was everything ready when I arrived?   With OS, nothing is ever ready on time.  When OS calls me, besides the fact that it’s always 15 minutes late (I’m the first appointment), nothing is set up, which is why I go about helping.  OS’s pace is about 50% of the one there today, I noticed.  Maybe that is because OS is trying to fit in a breakfast sandwich every day in the middle of her set up procedures.

Not that I mind her having a breakfast sandwich, that’s ridiculous.  But maybe the crumbs in the keyboards is the reason the machine goes down more than it should.

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