Today was (is) the day for the weekly meetings with Drs Rad and Chemo.  They are in two different locations and at each one I get the vitals checked: blood pressure, temp, pulse.  At one they take blood.  They both note that I’m two pounds lighter than last week (and I didn’t tell them that today I took out my lead soles).  Neither doctor had to look in my mouth very long.  After a one second spot of the light, Dr Rad’s response, “oooo, that’s got to hurt.”  And Dr Chemo’s, “I guess there is no point asking if that hurts.”   Of course both are spot on.  My mouth is just about one very large ulcer.  The back of the throat is all white.  Same with the roof of the mouth in the back.  The sides of the tongue, all ulcer white.

Dr Rad says I’ve only got six more days and that each day it will get a little tougher.  And, for a couple of weeks after therapy is over the situation won’t change very much as the mouth/throat will still be reacting to the treatments.

I’ve got to be relatively careful managing the pain meds.  I woke up this morning and my pulse was racing.  After I checked, it was up around 145 bpm.  Very weird.  Same thing happened on Saturday around noon, but not quite as extreme but still, from rest, the pulse rate was between 115-120 bpm.   They think it could be lack of hydration or maybe too much pain medication, even though I’m still on the low end of doses.  I’m doing the 25 mg fentanyl patch and subbing with some oxycodone hydrocol when the pain gets intense.  Sometime, like about 30 minutes ago, the joints of the jaw will start hurting intensely, followed by the roots of the teeth and an all-round good headache.  It’s enough to sit me in a corner wishing I knew meditation techniques a whole lot better.

Anyway, the other news of the day was with Dr Chemo.  Because I still have the constant ringing in my head, he recommends that I forgo the last chemo treatment.  I wanted to reach out and give him a high five, but just slowly nodded my head in thoughtful agreement.  In all the cases they’ve done where the patient received two rather than three, there is no noticeable downside.  It’s just that the standard has always been three sessions.  The downside to going forward could be increased risk that 1) the ringing never goes away or 2) eventual ear damage.  If he thinks it’s a good bet to skip the last session, then so do I.

5 thoughts on “w6/d2

  1. JA

    After the day you had yesterday…I’m sure today felt like a dash of good news (with foregoing the 3rd round of chemo). You’re so cute…I can totally picture your nodding your head in thoughtful agreement – – meanwhile inside you wanting to jump up and give the man fives (high-low or whatever). The countdown is on….
    Love you.

  2. Mother

    Hydration: big deal.
    Research from the Dentistry Field may produce comfort and healing for the mouth.
    Just something I heard here where I live. Lord knows there should be some
    dental (oral) expertise within six degrees. …Not about teeth. …About healing mouth, tongue. Please don’t grade me on this. Just brain storming again.
    Love ya!

    1. Throat Cancer 2010 Post author

      then I can’t give you an A+ for a most excellent suggestion. I’ve used some dental oriented stuff already and has been very helpful. many thanks

  3. Stryker Warren jr.

    Freddie: Whattah coupla days. Cowabunga! Hang in there as I think you have this thing under control despite a mouth that sounds like a scale model of the White Sands test range for nukes. GEEZ. I cannot describe how much I admire your resolve. The past two days would have provoked me to pour Bacardi 151 into Mister PEG tube. I am relieved that you have chosen to embrace the pharmacologial adjunct to other methods you have employed. Sounds as though you have found a reasonable means to titrate analgesics. Stay strong, stay focused, stay confident, and most especially continue to exude that signature “FS” defiance. Kick Senor 2mor in his butt. Repeatedly. Only one loser here. That be Senor MF 2mor. Keep it up Freddie. U R the Man. U R the inspiration. U R the WARRIOR. Luv ya mon! G’nite.


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