There just is not the kind of activity in the rad center this week and last as there had been for the first month I was there.  It must be low cancer season.  At least low season for head/neck cancers.

The nurses there really wanted to put an IV in me today as they thought I was dehydrated.  The blood tests from yesterday pm proved them wrong, so I got out of the trickle down effect.

All in all, a relatively quiet day and week.  Talking is more difficult today but there has been less pain spurts.  Keeping talking to a minimum helps.



Anyway, if the rad folks were to chart out a pain graph for those therapies that are daily, my guess is that they’d look somewhat like this time/damage graph.



On the mucus front, someone my daughter knows told me about a nice trick.  Another function of rad over time is mucus.  I’m sure that can be charted as well, but would probably follow a similar curve to the damage curve.

Anyhow, the girl she knows is now 26 years old and found out she had tongue cancer when she was 24 having just started teaching on an overseas assignment in India.  Her sore was also originally mis-diagnosed before she left the US, but the Indians sent her back home with the correct diagnosis of stage 4 oral cancer.  Reading what she went through is warrior stuff.  Life owes her back big time.

She said that ginger helps break up the phlegm in the back of the throat.  So she would open a ginger ale and let it go flat and the gargle with it.  I can attest that it really works and works well.  I’ve seen the evidence.  Yes, gargling with flat ginger ale helps pull out and break up the mucus in the throat.  What nice advice that was.  And now I’m stocked with Whole Foods ginger ale made with natural ginger.

2 thoughts on “w6/d3

  1. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: I have resisted weighing in with medical advice. No longer. Please ask for two things: Triamcinolone paste for your mouth sores (this is a steroid in a sticky paste that adhears to mucous membranes and moist skin surfaces); secondly, the most powerful topical anesthetic is cocaine (any pharmacy can compound this in a small quantity for trial; you’d gargle it, not swallow it; if they think you’d abuse it, spit it all back in a bottle after garglinng, return it and let the lab assay it; ophthalmologists use it topically prior to procedures). You deserve relief; your doctors may not agree, but if they do not, ask them why they do not and if they have seen the inflammation such as yours very often. . . and what they’d do for themselves or their loved ones. Fred, the time has arrived to be profreakinactive about this nonsense the health care team is trivializing. Luv ya mon.

    1. Throat Cancer 2010 Post author

      stryker, thanks for the suggestion. in fact, I emailed the nurse practitioner today (w/copy to the doc), and cut/paste the meat of your suggestion. response back was that she was not familiar with either product but that I should try nutmeg. (?????) FS


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