Finally hit the point where I’m rounding out the last week.  Won’t be going back to the rad room for any more thursdays.  That’s a big, little yahoo.

This morning the nurse almost talked me into an IV bag.  I came out of the rad room and she asks me yes/no questions about how I feel.  She then says that she spoke with GV while I was getting treated and she thinks it’s best to give me a hydration boost.  I’m not liking it but she talks me into it.

Part of my resistance was evident in the feeling I had about her giving me an IV.  Needles in the arm to draw blood is one thing.  IV’s with a catheter require wiggling the flexible small plastic hose end up into the vein.  And I have fat veins on the inside of the elbows so for a quick IV it’s relatively easy.  Anyway, just watching her set up it appeared that she didn’t do this often.  She was bumbling around so I just looked away.  I felt a couple of pricks and still nothing.  Then I felt the needle go in, then she feebly  got the IV turned on, and then realized she had to pull the IV out again.  Whatever she did, the catheter didn’t set properly and I had a small/large lump on my vein.  She wanted to try the other arm and I told her no way.  I’m just drinking lots of gatorade today and that’s the way it is.

The pain has definitely gone up a notch.  So between the localized pain, controlling the mucus/phlegm, and getting in some swallowing exercises, I have no illusions that the next few weeks won’t be a grind.

I finally found another product called Caphosol from JA’s (daughter) contact.  This is a saliva-like liquid that gets swished around the mouth for two minutes and it cuts the mucus and eases mouth pain.  I had a couple of samples and it worked well, especially in combination with the magic mouthwash.  However, I went to pick up the prescription yesterday and cost was $1,000 for 120 applications.  Prescription immediately cancelled.  I’m sure there is a reason that about one once of water-like substance costs $10 a pop, and that you can’t buy less than 120.  But no sense looking for rhyme or reason.

And the picture doesn’t do it justice, but I’m accumulating a nice radiation burn around the front of the neck.  This might work well for that winter, low neck line, been-in-the-sun look.

1 thought on “w6/d4

  1. Mother

    GW was right about hydration being important. Too bad the teck was inept. There is some data that the body can absorb moisture from outside the body? Steam bath is too hot. Is there a controlled way to absorb moisture? Sponge baths?


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