Hit mile marker 30 today.  Only 3 more rad days to go.  And then, from what I understand, it’s wait it out in hell for a week or two, and then,…it slowly gets better. The mucus/phlegm factor has come on strong and in a hurry.  Don’t know how the body can manufacturer so much of it, but when it does it sure can. I’ve got to pity GV for having to put up with my continuous gagging sounds all day.

I made the mistake today of using magic mouthwash, which (somewhat) numbed my mouth, so I called a client.  He wasn’t there so had to leave a vm. Forgetting that I had not talked all day, I could barely eke out my name.  Embarrassing.  I should remember that Fridays are never good days to call clients anyhow.

Last night wasn’t such a good sleeping night.  I woke up every hour, almost on the hour and each time tried to gargle out the phlegm before it drowned me.  I heard from a doctor today the reason for the phlegm is that radiation kills the glands that keep phlegm at bay.  Lovely.  And, I heard from another doctor today, that there is medication given to prevent this which evidently I wasn’t given.  Sure would like to know why.

Right now I can barely keep my eyes open while seeing visions of dreams.  I’m calling it a day.

5 thoughts on “w6/d5

  1. Mother

    You taught me when you were a kid that Coke can dissolve many proteins. and sorts of defluxion . You are on the uncomfortable mend and just as a dress maker needs st sweep up the scraps, your body can be cleansed but please be patient.

  2. Richard Lake

    Mile markers are good. Three more and you’re done? Almost there, Fred. Keep your chin up, pal you’re closer and closer to the finish line and chicken-ceases.

  3. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: I have been chastised for my topical anesthetic recommendation as there appear to be more appropriate choices presently albeit no one has told me more powerful in deadening the pain; hopefully Jim Clayworth’s counsel may provide that clarity. Hoping your weekend is permitting you to rest, to relax as much as possible and setting you up for the home stretch. Expecting you to hit the finish line and then chill for the next two weeks while the residual rads dissipate and you have your first chance to recuperate. Luv ya mon, swjr

  4. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: On the seventh day you rest. . . wishing you all the best as you lace ’em up tight for the final push to the tape. May the mile markers be passed quickly with the finish line ever closer. You are the Warrior. That simple. And say hello to OS for me when arrive to assist her with the set-up so that she might enjoy her breakfast roll. Health care reform? Why? Luv ya mon, swjr


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