Just went back and read my last posting and boy was I pouting.  I’m supposing though, for good reason.  The cumulative effect of daily rad adds up.  Especially in an area that is the major canal for receiving food and air.  And we speak through that canal.

Monday and Tuesday ended up being extremely heavy phlegm days.  When I did leave my apartment, I was stocked with paper towels into which I could hack and it seemed that hacking was required about every block.

They’ve now given me prescription skin cream normally reserved for 2nd degree and higher burns skin burns.  And, neck is swollen in addition to being dried and bloched.

I’ve spent the last couple of evenings on the couch with a spittoon pale.  If I sleep on my side, I end up hacking nice balls of phlegm every few minutes into the pale.  If I sleep on my back, independent of angle, my mouth ends up opening and the throat canal drying out.  The result is I sleep longer but then the part that is dry strives to be moist.  And the phlegm that hadn’t come out seeks to come out.  It therefore becomes  a few sessions of involuntary dry heaves to get the phlegm pulled up.  Not a pleasant process.  In any event, the quantity or amount of phlegm that is manufactured is extreme.

But before we go to much further; CONGRATULATIONS.  I’ve finished my last day of radiation therapy today.  Yes, there is a delayed and cumulative effect, but no more treatments.  No more damage will be inflicted.  That’s kind of big.  Both the doctors during my weekly visits yesterday said that it’s “the next two weeks” that may get a little harder or be the same and after that I should see steady improvement.

So this is the last posting under this category of 6 1/2 weeks.  I’m giving myself a date of December 1st to feel, if not most excellent, at least significantly better.  It’s a goal, or a measuring point.  As much as I can simply respond to the unexpected, these next two weeks will be focused on nutrition and hydration, even if most is through the tube.  Both my mother and GV have been independently insistent on the benefits of breathing exercises.  Therefore, I’m going to commit to adding breathing and meditation as part of lifestyle. GV is setting up a consistent and fairly aggressive holistic healing therapy sessions.  And then of course there is exercise.  Western exercise promotes expending energy in an external direction (running, weight lifting, aerobics).  Eastern promotes pulling external energy inwards (thai chi, most forms of martial arts).  I’ll need to sort that out, but cycling will be part of the mix.

What I intend to write less about in the next two weeks is what I’m experiencing now, that being:

  • severely ulcerated tongue, mouth and throat
  • constant battling of large quantities of mucus and phlegm
  • constant fatigue due to pain med
  • swollen neck
  • can’t talk
  • achy head

Good by there 6 1/2 week rad and chemo treatment process.