w1/d1, pt

The noticeable daily differences for the next week should not be too much different than those during the last few weeks.  During the last six weeks the measurable effects without therapy were the weekends.  Given that my therapy was daily at 7am, there were many Saturdays and Sundays I felt noticeably worse than the Friday of treatment.  So by the time I drug myself to Monday’s treatment, it was 72 hours later.

To look at any noticeable differences going the other way, logic says it will be at least 72 hours from yesterday if even the possibility exists to feeling noticeably better.  Of course, this is using only empirical data.  Which means, I’ve got to get the meditation part working quickly (possible?).

Anyhow, the intent of this category ‘two weeks post therapy’ is to document any noticeable differences in these two weeks.  Or perhaps it’s just me reaching for something.  Anything.

This being the first day in the last 6 1/2 weeks that there was no weekday therapy, I left my apartment this morning the same time regardless.  However, rather then opening the front door and going right for the due east one mile walk to the East Side hospital, I turned left for a due west one mile walk to the Hudson River.  This will be the opposite routine for the next two weeks.

But today’s challenge has been nothing but phlegm.  Yes, there is stiff pain which makes talking and drinking prohibitive, but the main challenge far and above is phlegm.

In New York City, one walks.  It’s a walking city.  So now when I leave the abode, it needs to be with a backpack of paper towels for constant hacking.  It’s not pretty.  I don’t know of anyone who’d want to be walking with me under these conditions.  An example which happened on multiple occasions today would be: heavy phlegm is coming up (ever so slowly) the swollen esophagus canal and about reaching the base of the tongue.  At that point, it starts producing an involuntary heaving reaction.  I hunch over slightly and whip out a paper towel on the sidewalk and in a discreet vomit reaction, start coughing up thick phlegm.  The option is chocking.  Not pretty?  No,…just plain ugly.

The good news is, I’m getting the sleep positions worked out.  Last night needed only three gargling cleaning sessions throughout the night.

4 thoughts on “w1/d1, pt

  1. Mother

    Heaving is exhausting. What a good thing that you are working out your sleeping positions. Who said the winning finish of the race is easy?

  2. Meredith, daughter of David

    Down with phlegm! Sounds all-consuming. Does the phlegm mean your glands are working? Hoping your meditation goes well!

  3. Sister Lynda

    Big Brother – You are prayed for daily in our house hold. Husband James and I utter your name to our Lord every morning. Keep looking towards the finish line. You will be there holding that sweet sweet flag of victory when all said and done.

  4. JA

    I love you. May I gently remind…there is way more good news (may not seem now) than working out your sleeping positions…for one, that you just got done the gauntlet of kicking the crap out of a certain something (m.f. tumor). And to not sound harsh but rather to keep your perspective clear (as it’s been amazing just how clear you’ve been able to keep this from the start)…could be WAY worse. You WILL get through this..the phlegm will lessen…your backpack will be lighter by a role of papertowels soon (hopefully). I’d walk with you.


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