w1/d2, pt

Now, finally heading into a weekend with a two-day head start.  So far, I can verify that it has been more difficult in the post t area.  More empirical evidence can vouch for that.

But I’m only looking for little nuggets in these couple of weeks.  Just hoping they don’t come at the backend of the window.  Hey there have been several times the Time Warner cable guys showed up toward the beginning part of their estimated window.  There’s no reason I shouldn’t think the same with the nuggets I’m looking for.

Specifically three nuggets would have me about jumping for joy.  Nugget number one would be to be able to go several hours straight without involuntarily trying to throw up the thick phlegm in the throat.  Really though, it’d be great to see this time period an entire day/night without the risk of being chocked on by my own inflamed mucus.

The other two nuggets are simple.  One being able to eat/drink something (anything).   The other being able to talk again.

But there is really nothing new to report on this day two post therapy.

4 thoughts on “w1/d2, pt

  1. Stryker Warren jr.

    FS: May this weekend be enjoyable given that Monday shall come absent the trek to help OS set-up to treat you. . . she must be at a total loss and wracked with separation anxiety. I hope your body accelerates the repair process and that your three nuggets are complemented by quality sleep, as well as regaining your strength and endurance in small incremental steps. You have fought a valiant battle; we all admire your determination and sense of humor. I look forward to meeting Gladys. Take good care of yourself Freddie.

  2. Stryker Warren jr.

    Freddie: Hoping you are ever nearer the lab reports “pt” substantiating that you have summarily kicked Śeñor Μ₣ Ŧumōr in the ᧧. Wishing you good health and a speedy recovery from the Spaghetti Fan Club.


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