w1/d3 & 4, pt

Day 3 & 4 post treatment are no better or worse than the prior days.  It appears we are in a holding pattern waiting access to the recovery.

The tongue still feels like every  once in a while someone is grabbing it with a pair vice grips and twisting it around.

Another on-going challenge is managing the ideal pain/fatigue level.  Right now I’m feeling like passing out several times during the day.  Writing these posts takes a large effort.  Which tells me I’m on too much medication.  However, they tell me I’m only on a very beginning to moderate level.  Regardless, the pain can shoot up to 10 on the 10 scale fairly quickly.

I did manage to get in a sauna at the gym both Sat and Sunday.  That was the extent of it though.  Too fatigued to do anything else, yet knowing that a little activity is a good thing.  Taking saunas is like a mini-cleanse.

Still, the most important item by far and away is that the nuggets are still now where in sight.

3 thoughts on “w1/d3 & 4, pt

  1. Richard Lake

    Hang in there, Fred. Nugget-land can’t be far off. I ran into Carlos at the gym. He asked about you. We miss you down here, bud. Get well soon.

  2. Stryker Warren jr.

    FS: You have been a very patient patient; the tincture of time should now become a major contributor given that you are no longer being pounded with radiation; sending you excellent karma. Luv ya mon.

  3. Mother

    The feel of pain is torturous but it is possible that healing is occurring even though
    you are still in the grips of this (whatever your guy friends call it).

    Pain seduces one into staying mind close to it. (Easy for me to say) but let you mind insist that you are healing. Mind control: See your healing breath softly passing through the troublesome areas of pain. …in one side and out the other. Softly.


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