w1/d3 & 4, pt

Day 3 & 4 post treatment are no better or worse than the prior days.  It appears we are in a holding pattern waiting access to the recovery.

The tongue still feels like every  once in a while someone is grabbing it with a pair vice grips and twisting it around.

Another on-going challenge is managing the ideal pain/fatigue level.  Right now I’m feeling like passing out several times during the day.  Writing these posts takes a large effort.  Which tells me I’m on too much medication.  However, they tell me I’m only on a very beginning to moderate level.  Regardless, the pain can shoot up to 10 on the 10 scale fairly quickly.

I did manage to get in a sauna at the gym both Sat and Sunday.  That was the extent of it though.  Too fatigued to do anything else, yet knowing that a little activity is a good thing.  Taking saunas is like a mini-cleanse.

Still, the most important item by far and away is that the nuggets are still now where in sight.