w1/d5, pt

This is the first Monday since September without therapy. And five days into cool-down and still no sigh of a curve in the road.

Tomorrow is weekly doctor check-in. Can’t come too soon. Have got to get the pain meds worked out right. I’m walking around way too groggy. But for as strong as they are supposed to be, I can’t imagine how much pain they are handling.

10 thoughts on “w1/d5, pt

  1. Meredith, daughter of David

    Hang in there, Freddie! Continue to look to the horizon. That curve in the road will eventually come into view. Love to you!

  2. Mary

    I realize this tidbit may have little relevance with your circumstances so take it for what it is. After each of my c-sections the pain seemed like it would never let up. Each time at one week post op, the pain seemed to significantly drop and then a steady decline after that point in time. For #2, #3 and #4, I was able to mentally envision one week post op as my turning point and it helped me cope. It was like a switch was flipped one week post op and I could count on it like clock work.

  3. Mother

    Good luck tomorrow for meds adjustment and answers you deserve.
    Hold on tight. There is the abstract and then there is your reality.
    Love ya.

  4. Little Sister Lynda

    Soon Winter will be over and the Spring flowers will look more beautiful then they ever have before. The reds will be more red, the yellows more yellow. The sun on your face will shed a warmer warmth. Yes, soon Winter will be over!

  5. Mother

    Come on baby, we need you. Every word you sent through your blog brought
    amazing responses from many place around the world. Just tonight from San Francisco message was of admiration and hope. You have become a hero. We so need heroes.
    Be still and get getting better. Good night, amazing one.

  6. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: Saw exceptionally high end chocolate in a very high-end take-out joint with eccelectic coffees too. Made me smile thinking of your post weeks ago. It’s the little things that are special and memorable. Hoping you will soon request such items be forwarded. Awaiting your download on pain meds. I trust the daily recovery–albeit slower than any would like–is going to be noticeable post the several week period you mentioned that metabolism and cell function continue to be affected by chemo and especially radiation. Luv ya mon.

  7. Mother

    Hey you guys: Steve Friends. You know what? I wanted to use those words MFC
    and I appreciate your doing so for me. Steve did not log in today. It gives this mother
    great comfort to hear the strong voices of you men who know and love Steve. If Steve is tired maybe we could just……log in. Of course, the women are always empathic. and that is such a good thing. Good night Steve. I am just holding hands with all your friends and loved ones. We all want to do that bike ride in San Francisco with you, good fellow.

  8. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: We give thanks today you are on the “other side of therapy”. Hoping you and Gladys have a peaceful day and that you are beginning to turn that elusive corner. Luv ya mon.

  9. Little Sister Lynda

    Bringing back memories seeing Macy’s day parade on Television. Loved last year when we came to NY for Thanksgiving day and went out on the streets and saw Kermit & Spiderman floating down the streets. It was great being with you and Gladys and I would love to do it again. Love you Steve and Glayds


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