w2/d1, pt Happy Thanksgiving Day

Today starting the second full week post radiation.  Sometime during this and next week is when things should be turning around.  So far, it still feels like I’m in peak zone.  The three nuggets I’m looking for a still no where around, but they’ll show up.  They’ve got to soon.  Until then, it’s dealing with severe mouth pain and inability to talk or eat.

But today is Thanksgiving Day.  It should be a healthy reminder that this is a day beyond turkeys and cranberry sauce, and a day of truly feeling thankful for what we have.  And I’m especially thankful to all those who have followed this blog.  I can see from the site stats that a few of you read every day.  I’d like all of you to know that I’m very  grateful.  And I wouldn’t be getting through all of this near as easy if it wasn’t for GV, who has been super supportive, making the living as practical and comfortable especially putting up with my non-stop hacking into a little cup all day.

The other thing I’ve realized as it’s later in this process is that the blog posts might be better off done in the morning, or at least earlier in the day.  Left until the end of the day has left a few go unposted-due-to-fatigue.


So until more news or another day, wishing everyone who reads this a very warm and most excellent Happy Thanksgiving Day.


5 thoughts on “w2/d1, pt Happy Thanksgiving Day

  1. Mother

    Wow! The best Happy Thanksgiving I have ever received. Sometimes I forget
    to be truly thankful so thanks for this warm and shinning example.

  2. Meredith, daughter of David

    Happy Thanksgiving to Freddie and GV! I’m thankful for so much, inluding you and all our family! Love you.


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