w2/d5, pt

On the check-out release form they give you the last day of radiation treatment, it says that the side effects of radiation should improve 2-3 weeks after the last day of treatment.  My last day of treatment was Nov 17th, so that puts week 2 at Dec 2 and week 3 at Dec 9.  It’s a given that everyone is different and the intensities of radiation vary, but generally, between 2-3 weeks are when conditions start improving.  OK then, a few more days to a week.  I’m patiently waiting with the best humor I can muster.

It was nice having the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend to kind of pull in and huddle.  During the weekend, I didn’t go anywhere, except twice to the gym for one hour aerobic workouts, armed with magic mouthwash (to dull pain) & spit cup.  The balance of the time was spent at home, watching movies with GV and pretending to read a little.

The inside of the mouth is still very sore and full of ulcers.  Can’t wait to see these guys start to fad into nothingness.  The ulcers around the sides of the tongue and along the cheek and back of the throat are the reason for nugget prevention.  Combined with periodic mucus attacks,  going too far in public does not a pleasant experience make.  However, over the last couple of days, after lots of gargling with salt water and baking soda, I’m starting to speak somewhat more coherent for a few minutes at a time.

Yesterday, Sunday, it was such as nice day that GV and I decided to walk to Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge to a little French place on Atlantic Avenue, about a 5 mile walk one-way.  We bundled up and again I’m armed this time with a few spittoon cups and magic mouthwash at the ready, made it to our destination in about one hour and 40 minutes, where GV had a coffee and I sipped on a green tea. The food they were serving looked too good, don’t know how GV resisted.  It’s easy for me simply because eating is impossible for now.  For now, it’s imagining what the taste would be like.

So after the fresh walk back home we settled in for several hours of Sunday afternoon and evening football.  Never watched so much football in my life as this weekend.  For some reason, it just felt right.  It’s like watching something real, yet light and stimulating.   The bonus of the walk was sleeping like a baby straight through until this morning.