w4/d4 pt

Still counting and it’s the 12th of Dec.  Radiation stopped the 17th of Nov so I’m almost at one month.  How long is this curve?

Not much has changed since the last post. The ulcers on the tongue just don’t want to go away.  I’m still drinking by mouth, but it’s near a bathroom where I can rinse and spit in between.  I thought I’d be much further along by now and it’s getting slightly irritating.  Although I can’t be irritated, only content, positive and patient.   OK fine.

The last few days has also been the attack of the mucus glands.  For some reason my throat feels like it is coated in mucus, or phlegm.  The stuff is constantly in my mouth and I’ve got to keep it rinsed or it is wads of mucus in the mouth if I don’t.  Picked up some of that Tussin DM to cut the mucus but it doesn’t seem to do much against this super mucus.

It was nice seeing my daughter again, JA on Friday.  She came up for her annual visit with her friends.  They come up to NYC to have fun for the day so they were kind enough to invite me to lunch.  Sadly I couldn’t’ eat anything because the dishes they ordered looked great.  I had a hot tea and was content listening to their stories and secretly using my rinse/spit cup, hoping I wouldn’t need to talk much.

I’m guessing that if I went to the doctor today, he’d tell me I was right in the curve and doing well, maybe even better than most.  I think they tell that to everyone.  I just better be further along at one month and that is only five days away.  If not, then the curve credibility is suspect for sure.

Regardless, it will sure be nice getting the feeding tube removed on Tuesday.  It’s been a real companion, but now its welcome is about worn out.  It is being a pain now, literally.  And having stomach fluid sitting in the tube outside my stomach is not the nicest oder after a while.  Yum.