w4/d7 pt

Today is the end of four weeks after finishing therapy.  They said it could be a month in the curve, so technically, that adds another 2.5 days.  That gives me until Saturday am.  I’ll take those days because my mouth is still damn sore.  And, damn full of mucus.

The two large ulcers on either side of the tongue love hanging out with me.  Are they as bad as two weeks ago?  No, they are slightly smaller and less vengeful.  And I can talk better?  Yes, except with all the mucus in my throat and mouth, it has a definite effect on my voice box and makes me sound hoarse.  Those on the phone think I have a cold  perhaps, but it’s just my horsey phlegm voice.

So by Saturday I’m sure I’ll be zooming out of the curve with significant improvement.  Otherwise, I’m recovering longer than most.  Or, it may be that my glands or cells resisted it better and because of that, the recovery is longer.  Who the hell knows.  I’m just trying to make sense of the numbers and there is no sense with the numbers.  As they (the medical community) said from the beginning, “it all depends.”  How could one person’s stomach hole close up in two weeks and another’s take three months?

The unexpected nugget though has been taking a shower without the feeding tube hanging out of my stomach.  Even though it’s still very sore and I’m walking around slightly bent like someone just punched me in the stomach, it still feels good.

Finally got around to shaving part of the stomach so that the bandage tape doesn’t need to pull hair to come off.  I should just make it a full-body shave.  Hair below the neck–who needs it?  It’s just a nuisance, except that shaving is another nuisance.

I’m going to go out on a limb and to say that I’ll be back on Saturday reporting that I’ve made significant advancement around the curve and that the eating (chewing soft food) nugget is within reach.  Taking bets.

3 thoughts on “w4/d7 pt

  1. Mother

    Hey! Babe, Target dates have been so much a part of your business career. Tension to meet target dates might contribute to the delay your progress.
    This is more like an “art form”. Forget the calendar (easy for me to say).
    Make it your business to love your body and see yourself whole. The calendar is arbitrary. You are magical.


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