wishful thinking

The last sentence of my last post was written with more than wishful thinking. It was written with full expectancy. Of course I’d see my bags in a couple of hours (written about two hours out from landing). Because the day was longer than expected, I made the post one day late. We arrived on Wednesday. Our bags have yet to arrive. Today is Friday. So I don’t know how that Brita pitcher is doing.

GV has zero clothes. She asked me if she should bring an overnight change of clothes in her carryon, but as she was trying to conserve space and I had never had a problem with Avianca, I went with the odds and told her she didn’t need to. But I didn’t figure on a baggage backlog out of snowy NYC.

Actually, a lot of bags did not arrive and there were a lot of visibly upset people, given the holidays and the fact that it was a direct flight. Luckily for me, one bag did arrive which had the stuff from the Colombian medicine man. I’m back on the natural herbs which he recommended. He thought I was on them the entire time, but I stopped with the vomiting in Oct. I’ll see him next week twice in between work appointments.

And, luckily, it stopped raining here about five days ago and has been sunny and warm. Sure is nice to walk around in a short sleeve shirt again. The scary thing is that I’ve had a persistent sore throat and I’m hoping that it’s from radiation recovery and not from any thing else. But the luggage won’t help that.  Maybe the medicine man will.  It’s all a good sign for a positive new year.  Of course, we want them all to be positive.  They are all new years.  But at least once a year we get to say: Happy New Year.  And that’s not wishful thinking.

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