1st week of 2011

Our luggage finally arrived late New Year’s Eve.  Better than a New Year’s Day gift.  Anyway, we were invited to my associate’s family’s home for a New Year’s Eve party (small).  They live in the hills overlooking Medellin and the party consisted mainly of a barbecue in their garden.  The only food was meat. It was a total flesh fest.  From different kinds of sausages, to beef, pork (ribs), and chicken, there was literally nothing else to eat.  It meant that GV didn’t eat anything.  I caved even though I shouldn’t have.  Still, I had to mix some of the meat with a little water to get it down.  Flesh and water, yum.

This dry throat is really something.  Normally, we can eat just about anything and our saliva helps us masticate whatever is in our mouth.  But my saliva glands have been seriously damaged.  The result is that I don’t produce saliva normally therefore most foods like bread are like stuffing cotton in your mouth.  The chewing process needs help.  Hence, the addition of liquid.  Leaves most foods unappetizing.

Went for a teeth cleaning and the dentist, after telling her my treatment story, saw that I didn’t have any calculus build up and just did a very light cursory polish.  She said that it was much better to wait until the next cleaning (6 mo) before doing any scraping.  The jaw bones are delicate for life.  Any serious work could be dangerous.

The mucus I had around Christmas week for some reason disappeared.  Strange.  But it’s been replaced by the super dryness.  Can’t leave home now, not without the rinse and spit kit, but now without water.  I’ll trade water for mucus.

Went to see the Colombian medical man this past week and he put a couple of injections of procaina in each side of the jaw right in front of the ear.  It didn’t tickle and unfortunately, the hope of stimulating the saliva gland didn’t work either.  After several days, the injection areas are still sore and the mouth is still dry.

Next step is to get a blood test to make sure the kidneys are OK for a contrast CT scan when I return.  Will try to get the blood work done down here to fast forward the scan date.  Then in February, it’s another PET CT scan (full body).

Good thing was that yesterday, rode with a couple of friends to Barbosa (north of Medellin) for the first 60 mile plus bike ride (62 miles is the 100 km mark those in km countries like to hit).  They were wondering why I was dragging behind and I tried to keep the pace as light as my ego would allow.  Actually, the ego listened well.  I was in the mood for a nice ride and didn’t need competition.  It was a beautiful ride and felt great. Don’t think I could have done that in Dec due to the plug hole in the closing process.  Nor, could I have done the ride in New York, where it’s freezing.

Now I’ve got to go find more water.

5 thoughts on “1st week of 2011

  1. Susan Forney

    Fred: So glad to hear your back in the saddle again. Look forward to riding with you at some point in the near future. Love to GV.

  2. Mother

    Good grief! You are saved from a lecture about allowing the body to adjust to……… , etc. etc. etc.

    Actually I love your” get up and go” but I can’t admit that and also use cranky- mother speak. Can’t believe you went to a party given by Carnivores. Chinese New Year is Feb 3rd. Maybe you could throw a smoothy party. Make mine chocolate.

    Really, so good to hear from you, and yah hoo for getting your luggage. Bubbles to you both.

  3. Meredith, daughter of David

    FS: So great to hear you’re riding again, and 100km! That’s definitely the kick-ass warrior Freddie that everyone’s been talking about. And many people don’t leave their house without a trusty water bottle (myself included) so you’re getting into a good hydration habit along the way. Do you keep bikes in all the cities you frequent? 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your travels, and good luck on the upcoming bodily tests! Thinking of you.

  4. JA

    awesome to hear from you on all accounts…been missing your words. love that it’s a need to intake (water) instead of the other (hacking/projectile methods used before). sounds like big nuggets happening in Medellin. Love to you both in this journey and look forward to hearing from you again soon. Safe travels (luggage included) on your trip home (assuming that’s soon). xo

  5. Stryker Warren jr.

    Freddie: Hooray for the airline; hooray for the bike ride; and here’s hoping the medicine man can find other medication to speed your recovery, increase your comfort and make eating a completely enjoyable experience again. I also hope you are squarely in the saddle with your business. Very best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2011. swjr


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