12 Jan, 11

Dry mouth and throat is a curse.  Now that the saliva glands are fried, I don’t know if there is any un-frying them.  One of those things that only time will tell.  They say that some regain partial saliva glands back within a year or so.  Getting cancer anywhere is obviously not a good thing.  Getting it in the throat is truly a pain in the neck.

The Colombian medicine man, who is a medical doctor and surgeon now practicing bio-energy medicine gave me his instructions, which were the same as before.  I should become a strict vegetarian, no coffee or tea with caffeine ever, no alcohol ever, no processed foods (that’s good), no sweets, etc. etc.  I should also meditate in the morning and evening (good thing).  And, there are all the natural supplements.  It all sounds ideal in terms of being monk-like.  I think I’m looking to be more moderate and have fish once in a while and a cup or two of coffee (not decaf) each day.

Regardless, the throat still is sore, but sore in a different way then before.  I think, hope, that the throat is just recovering from the rad treatments.  Have got to get the blood work done this week if I can so that the lab in NY will do the CAT scan next week.  They need to make sure the kidneys can take the contrast for scan viewing.  If I’ve mentioned this in a past post, forgive me.

In the meantime before the travel back to NY this coming Sat, here enjoying some short trips walking in between work stints.


Caught in the act of washing dishes in the Med apart prior to a morning walk.






Caught in the act of meditating while stopping on a walk to the store.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Just a quick stop about 1/5 the way up Las Palmas, a 2,000 foot climb (not so bad).                                                        

5 thoughts on “12 Jan, 11

  1. Meredith, daughter of David

    Love your pictures and your burgeoning spirit, Fred!! Sending you lots of love and prayers for continued healing. So proud of you!

  2. Susan Forney

    Freddie: Lookin good! Sounds like you’ve got a good Doc in Med, good weather too.
    Perhaps along with the water bottle, a squirt bottle of olive oil would be helpful?
    Love to you and GV,

  3. Mother

    Good thinking in regard to moderation. However, you know what
    Brother Ambrose says:
    ” I believe in moderation in all things, particularly moderation”

  4. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: You look fit, happy and content. What a great set of photos. You wanna spit; I say, “You look healthy, you look confident, you look like a complete badass. . . congrats Fred-E-Sgeddie!” May GV share in it all. . . Hugs and love, from the world that has looked inward to witness your journey. . . .


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