14 Jan, 2011

The one thing about drinking a lot of water, (or should I say hydrating), is that going to eliminate the water becomes a whole new challenge.  Of course, I’ve heard that there are those with Spaghetti bladders who suffer to eliminate hydration much more than normal.  But if very active hydration elimination is what’s happening, I guess that all one can do is be happy that things are flowing.

This past Tuesday my associate and I went to Bogota for the day for an all morning meeting.  He didn’t need to go to the bathroom once.  I went about 4 times.  I felt like I had a problem, but it was all in the hydration, each trip being well worth the effort.

If drinking 8-10 8 oz glasses a day (of water) is required, not taking the required trips would only mean one has a massive bladder or not hydrating sufficiently.  My associate and many other people I see either have massive bladders or just don’t drink enough liquids.  I’m inclined to think it’s the latter.  Only inclined.

It’s one of the things, proper hydration, that I’ve been pushing for the general sporting public here.  Well, pushing with a reason of course.

For those that are not Facebookers.  Or for those that might not know, Keath is a family name.  Usually the name is spelled keith.  Mine (my father’s and my son’s) middle name happens to be Keath.  So what you might ask (I’d ask that too).  So what does Keath have to do with hydrating besides that fact that Freddie Keath Spaghettl needs to actively eliminate hydration for reasons of a super dry mouth/throat?  Check out:




Anyway, time to pack up and bundle up for the return to frigid weather in NYC.  Maybe sucking on ice will be easier.

3 thoughts on “14 Jan, 2011

  1. Mother

    Ever think of this? Your associates are wearing pampers. Well, just a thought.
    If your associates read this let them know that I am in an institution.

    1. Meredith, daughter of David

      Love your humor Nana. Fred: you’re not the only spaghetti with “very active hydration elimination” – just ask me and all my female siblings. Good hydration = frequent elimination.
      Great website!
      Safe travels back to NYC.


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