30 Jan, 2011

Been trying to get back into shape after a few months of sitting on my ass.  If only the throat would un-swell, then it wouldn’t be so hard to breath heavy.  Still, getting back to the gym is humbling when lifting only a fraction of what I able to do a few months ago.  But then, I suppose that’s only ego.  Found myself thinking that maybe the degree of humility is relative to the ego size.  Therefore, had to pound the ego down to size, like puny  size.  When señor ego is squashed, nothing to worry about.  Takes constant work though.

Something like what Tolle was saying in his New Earth books.  If you see yourself getting out of balance, pissed off or embarrassed or otherwise irritated, it’s only ego getting the upper hand.  But that doesn’t explain the goofball effect.  For example, I did some aerobic today then decided to take a sauna, thinking it would help un-clog the neck area.  The sauna is not overly hot, but borderline warm/hot.  There are a couple of guys in there when I go in.  After a few minutes, one guy leaves and throws the door open as wide as it will go.  I’m thinking, what a goofball.  Irritating because it lowers the temperature letting the cool air rush in.  Then there was a guy who came in for 15 seconds and left again.  Then came back for another 15 seconds.  Another irritating goofball.  Ego aside, we will all be goofballs once in a while without helping it.  It’s inevitable.  But when we can avoid being goofballs, we should.  LIke if you go into a sauna and then decide you don’t want to be there, unless there is no one there, just hang out a few minutes so you are not a complete goofball–unnecessarily annoying others by lowering the temperature.  It’s a sauna goofball.

The sauna is the one place where the back of my head doesn’t feel cold.  On Friday went for a haircut–the first time in many months.  Since August to be exact.  So the guy looks at the back of my head and sees a hole.  Not a hole hole, but a spot where there is no hair.  I knew it was there from the lovely radiation, but the hair on top covered it up.  But in order to make it look more natural, he cut it short short in the back.  When I left the shop, the back of my head felt noticeably cold.  Never before had I had that sensation.  I’m guessing that my hair has never been that short (in the back).

Enough about hair.  It’s all about processing “stuff.”  We had another weekend of reviewing all our books and the balance of the stuff closets.  Result is processing (cute for recycling) at least 8 shopping bags of books, most like new.  And photos.  At least photos can be somewhat easily digitized and pitched.  Books, well, the good ones just need to be repurchased in digital form for lightness of being.  Just want to get rid of weight and lighten up the apartment.  So guess I’m wasting time with this blog post and should get back to work.

3 thoughts on “30 Jan, 2011

  1. Mother

    Eckhart Tolle, is good but like all paths–it is something to aspire to. But, a thought: we can’t just put our ego aside without finding a solid home for our being. Can’t
    have any voids can we. Ah ha! Tolle has some meaty answers in, A New Earth, on pp: 269 through 278. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you are gentle with a body that is
    ……never mind…..just mom talking again. Love ya.

  2. Chris

    Fred, happy to hear things are going well enough that gym and hair are on the top of your list. If you begin tanning and doing laundry in coordination with visits to the gym, you will complete the tripartite system of the wise folks who summer in the Jersey Shore.

    As for the gym, I too share your bouts with ego struggle when returning after a sabbatical. I do it frequently enough that I should be used to it by now, but I am not. I also know that you can experience something like a 10-15% loss of strength in just two short weeks without training, but it does not help. Considering your strength and energy has been diverted to other areas in recent months, I believe your body has the right to veto the ego a bit. Press on!

    In terms of the sauna, there is no excuse for those goofballs. If you cannot take the heat, stay the hell out of the sauna – simple rule – works in the kitchen too.


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