12 Feb, 11

There is no turning back now. I’m in the step-down unit (a step down from int care), and been here for just over 24 hours. The doctors said the surgeries went great, but if I would have known just how brutal, I may have rethought the purchase of going from 80 to 97%.

But that shows what my p factor is. When I look around at others here in this head and neck ward, I really don’t have it so bad. Still, I have 14 metal tubes sticking out from under my chin, and below that a wonderful trachea hole. When they said that one needed a couple of days training to suck mucus out of the trachea hole, I didn’t imagine it being quite the process it is. Actually scary at times feeling like you are not able to breath.

What is the least of the issues is the seven inch slice I have on the left side of the neck. The surgeon said that the lump did not appear cancerous, but we will know in five working days.

The big treat will come in 2/3 days when the radiation stripes they measure and order on Monday get inserted in those metal tubes. I then must spend two days in isolation. But maybe a bigger treat will be getting the tubes pulled out. They said it is kinda like the feeling of stitches being pulled out, but I don’t believe them. Not for a minute. They have oversimplified everything so far (pain wise), or again maybe it’s just my p factor.

Speaking of stitches, I pleasantly discovered stitches in my nose holding the feeding tube in place. Nice little surprise, but very little compared to everything else.

The one sore I haven’t looked at yet is my stomach. There was a rather large divot hole from the stomach feeding tube taken out in dec. I had asked a favor of the surgeon to fix this while I was under (he said it was easy). Guess the before and after shots will show me. Don’t tell me they are vanity stitches!

3 thoughts on “12 Feb, 11

  1. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: Immensely impressed you are blogging thru it all. I hope and pray this is the conclusion of therapy and surgeries and that you will move into the high 90% strata and that your recovery can be accomplished with less uncertainty about additional interventions. Your stamina and resolve are truly remarkable, and GV’s are likely an exponential multiple of yours at this point. Soon it shall be spring time which I consider the very best season to maximize recuperative powers and to spend extended periods of time outdoors–exercising, reading, writing, relaxing and rebuilding your strength. Truly a time of renewal. You are a tremendous warrior and a true role model when I think about my trepidation enroute to see the dentist. Luv ya mon, swjr

  2. Mother

    You continually surprise me with your courage and acceptance (which is not passive by-the-way). Are you still in Rm 88 at Dazian?
    Just a reminder. You and I went to Mass this morning at 6:45 at the Dominican Monastery. We went to Holy Communion. I wanted the Host to last a long time.

    How long will you stay in Room 88? Will they continue to move you around? Your description sounds like a Mid-evil torture. I wont ask about pain because I know you have an abundance. Talk about a Baptism of Fire. You’ve become our latest standard bearer.


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