13 Feb, 11

Marking today off as 33% completed. That would be time in hospital only. But here I have tubes coming out of various places. When I leave there will be no tubes. Around my chin is nice and swollen where all the metal tubes protrude so I’m sure the chin will be fat for a while. And the tongue. I can barely move it around it is so sore.

Needless to say, another thing about this stay is that I can’t speak. Not until the tubes are taken out and the trachea hole closed up will I be able to resume using my voice box. Until then, I’ve got a writing tablet for questions, needs, or to say anything for which body motion won’t due.

Had to get another iv placement yesterday because the first one put in my hand just wasn’t working. Hate it when that happens. One particular nurse is being very unhelpful, trying to push me to do stuff on my own because I’ll be in isolation, required to do those things, like change iv med, suck mucus, change the windpipe inserts and the like.

At least I’ve got a window view, though have heard I’ll be changing rooms tonight.