16 Feb, 11


16 feb, 11

As my sister commented not long ago, when you submit yourself to the hospital, you submit yourself to other’s 5 to 6 day workweek.  It goes without saying that having these institutions helps all of us recover off the injured list hopefully getting back to playing vitally healthy in the game of life.  It’s just good to keep things in perspective that when in a hospital, besides owning our own pain, there is a good chance we become someone else’s (back side) pain. It shouldn’t be that way, but that may be an unfair comment to those that give their time genuinely.

One challenge is logistics.  On Monday I had to go down to the radiation oncology floor to get x-rays of the mouth so they knew how to order the lead strips.  In the evening, because I’ve developed a very sore foot since being here, they took me to the regular radiation floor where they take normal x-rays.  Both times a transport shows up, worms me through various hallways and deposits me to said location.  There you sit.  And sit, and sit.  Finally, when they process you, you’ve got to sit again and wait for the transport, and wait, and wait.  Each department has it’s own logistics department. On Monday evening I could have gone up and back myself 10 times but had to sit there and just be content.  Guessing that is where meditation comes in, but when you are chocking on your own mucus,…well.


16 feb in 1b lead-lined

GV caught me resting on her 10 minute allotted visit today.  As I’m writing this it’s about 7:30 p.  In another two hours they take out the radiation.  I’m more anxious about them taking out the metal tubes.  They’ll do that tomorrow morning.

Being that they are wire and have formed loops with both ends at the base of the chin, they’ve already formed their shape.  Just don’t get how they cut one of the button ends off and pull the other through without some heavy yanking involved.  I just want to get out of this without having my mouth or throat scraped or cut up.  Already knowing what that is like as it takes weeks to heal.  But I can’t really worry about it either, but it is sitting right there front and center.  Regardless, my tongue is very swollen and will probably remain swollen for a week or so.  (think less)

And tomorrow, supposedly, they will take out the trachea tubes.  Not sure yet when this will be done or who does it — I’ve been asking and asking but have not been given definite answers yet.  Guess it’s all logistics.


6 thoughts on “16 Feb, 11

  1. Mother

    You are so efficient in you own life and habits, it must be [is] excruciatingly draining on your stress factor. One more day behind you. This syrupy pace , pain, and, reasonable anticipation will end. ….but remember self-hypnosis or some say self suggestion. You have been a good captain of these stormy seas. Sail on mightily, my son. The good harbor of a healthy life is close at hand. The surf is choppy near land.

  2. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: I hope to read that the fresh air and sunshine of the City will be the medication that supports meditation and that the healing process begins in hyperdrive as you set foot outside the hospital. I also hope and pray the dismantling of the brachytherapy superstructure is uneventful and that the trach tube comes out as soon as possible, but no sooner than is safe given the swelling you characterize. We are rooting for you and GV. May this be the end of the therapeutic portion of your odyssey and may the healing process begin in earnest. While repetitious, I must again express my admiration for your extraordinary stamina and your exceptional outlook on life. Your blog serves as a reminder to live life to its fullest and take nothing for granted as we know not what lies around the next corner. Luv ya mon; tell me when to shop for exquisite chocolate to contribute to your victory party. U R the Warrior! “That simple!” as your sister would say.


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