21 Feb, 11

GV’s therapy was early this morning.  Because I’ve invaded her workspace, she is making house calls so she had to get me in before she left.  That gives me no excuses to use this week to get all administrative stuff out of the way (i.e,. q’book 2010 taxes, all medical bills, design new web site, prep certain presentations, etc.).  I’ll be so much more motivated once I don’t feel air escaping out of my neck and I can swallow without wincing at every gulp.

Thinking about what happened to my p factory yesterday, I’m guessing that the vast army of pain fighting soldiers within had already been dispatched to other more immediate locations, thereby leaving very few reserves to battle new pain (i.e., GV’s force grip pressure on certain important areas).  Today however, I called them back and think I did a little better.  Either that or it was an alternate day of low force pressure therapy and there was really no change in p factor.  I’ll find out tomorrow.

feb 21, 11

What’s going on on the inside is the twisted inversion of what isn’t seen. Anyway, they tell me that in time, all this will be barely visible and only if you are looking.  What I’m most anxious about (as anyone would be) is the most immediate functions of normal talking, breathing, and swallowing.

One of the reasons I write this is to remind myself that what is really needed is a large dose of patience and appreciation for what I do have.

2 thoughts on “21 Feb, 11

  1. Mother

    I have never had to have the heroism that you have pulled from your being. Just agreeing; the concept of “grateful” is a good one. Continuing to send positive thoughts and motherly prayers. The rest of the bunch has no idea that they get the same spiritual attention *~*

  2. rel43

    God’s speed, Fred.

    I’m not going to attempt to soothe you w/words. Just know that we love you, brother and that this, too, shall pass.


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