23 Feb, 11

Took a walk over to the hospital this morning to get the stitches taken out.  It was either that or head to the doctor’s office on Friday.  Thought that going to the hospital would have been easier, and it was.  Feels better to have them out, although the slices are not the bothersome elements of the recoup process.  Where the 14 wires entered the mouth and held the tongue down is where the bother doesn’t seem to be letting up.

One of tomorrow’s appointments was actually today.  Met with a designer from Nashville this afternoon for about two hours.  “So what kind of operation did you have?” she asked. “Just something in my mouth which required a temporary tracheotomy, so while I talk I’ll be holding my fingers at the top of my shirt as the hole is not closed yet.”  No more questions, no more discussions about it.  May tomorrow’s meeting be so easy.

For some reason, after eating, or rather drinking, the weird thing is the sharp ear pain which almost immediately comes on and is somewhat debilitating for about 30 minutes. The doctors said that after this type of surgery it’s not unusual that some of the swelling affects the ear.  If it ain’t one thing…..

Good news is that walking is still on the positive upswing.  Focus on the positive?  Well, I think I’ll focus on that hole to close,…and the swelling to go down.  Can’t stop eating now.

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