15 March, 11

Had some good responses (both posted and direct) from the p-factor analyzed post.  And the results are,…….still inconclusive.

Sure there are different kinds of pain, i.e., acute and chronic; real and imagined.  Pain caused by accidents or events.  Pain that accumulates, from the dissipation of adrenaline or the onslaught of swelling.  But, we’re not trying to walk over hot coals here.

So far nothing conclusive which explains how one person can take scalding hot liquids and another person cannot.  The closest explanation may be a gene enzyme COMT.  But they (scientific community) are not sure and this may only explain part of the reason.  It would be clean and easy to know that it might be gene related and therefore hereditary.  Which would explain why so many in the spaghetti-o clan fall outside that 1st std deviation and are sensitive to hot.  (Oops, I mean why so many of the clan in which mr. spaghetti chose to be a part…..)

But if you drink a hot liquid and it burns, thereby giving you pain, and another can drink that same liquid at the same temperature and not get burnt and not receive pain, then what is the explanation?  It’s not a p-factor thing.  It’s not how strong you are or aren’t.  It’s not how well you can meditate or think beautiful things while you are sipping.  It’s got to be something that’s happening down at the cellular level.  And just perhaps that something is related to other forms of pain, either real or perceived.

Then again, it may just hurt the head to over-analyze this subject.  Let it go Freddie.  Just embrace it first.  Don’t worry, be happy (and all that stuff).

Freddie’s happy.  Even if the tongue feels like it’s going through WW3.  There are other more important things happening in the world.  But then again, every little thought, or comment, or post, is a contribution droplet.  To all those who did comment, thanks for your contribution.  I’m sure it was painless.

2 thoughts on “15 March, 11

  1. Mother

    Where is it written that one cannot analyze and be tranquil concurrently?
    The difference in judgment is that if one is experiencing– for that person it is real.
    If one is hypothesizing and not experiencing then that is in the abstract not int he reality.

  2. Stryker Warren jr.

    Fred: I am sensistive to what you have felt from insensitive care givers which generates a dull, lasting pain for me. This is not traditional referred pain, but it is certainly “in reference to” pain. I trust the swelling and burned tissues will resolve at a faster pace. You have been remarkably patient and tolerant of others. Your blog deserves to become a book. Excellent karma enroute to you; hope if is part of the ultimate magic potion. U R the remarkable, relentless Warrior!


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