Hey there pancake.

What is it with pancakes?  I got up close and personal with them maybe once a year in the past.  They just weren’t part of even my irregular diet.  Not that I haven’t liked them.  Being that they are closer to junk food than whole food on the nutritional scale, there were always better consumption options.

But the last time I saw the speech therapist, she recommend that I eat pancakes.  She said I needed the chewing exercise and that pancakes with lots of syrup were good.  (p.s. she’s no nutritionist).  I suppose that I’m good at following instructions because eating pancakes I’ve been doing.  At least a couple of times per week — usually on the weekend or during the week when traveling.

At home, I’ve been making the Trader Joe’s version.  Easy, just add egg and water.

pancake prep

Not griddle cakes.  These are pan cakes. The last time I also added some cottage cheese to that pan fried batter.  The good thing about pancakes at home is at least being able to load up on syrup lower on the glycemic scale — i.e., organic maple syrup with raw agave.

Still, I’d rather be consuming something else.  But as long as I’ve got to put on weight, and someone in the medical field is recommending pancake consumption, then I might as well indulge, at least for a while.

Back to pancake definition: batter fried in a pan.  Nothing with batter is going to be particularly first choice food.  Batter by itself means something highly refined.  Unfortunately, up close and personal with ‘highly refined’ shoved in the mouth means junk food.  My mother might even classify pancakes as a “comfort” food.  Food eaten without regard to nutritional value, rather a form of self justification, deserving, or…comfort.  In my case it’s a direction.

So during this stage of my 58th year, pancakes are in.  Of course, I’ve widened my definition of pancakes to include all sorts of sweet, soft, or processed junk that might provide some chewing exercise but able to be washed down with room temperature coffee.  You could say that I’m in kind of a pancake rhythm.  And since we can turn almost any noun into a verb or adjective, pancake is no exception.  (the dictionary keeps growing).  The building imploded and pancaked to the ground.  Don’t go and pancake my plans dude. And I’m in a pancake rhythm.

Last night, in another impulse to concoct something antidotal, although hardly antidotal, I made a batch of macaroni salad.  Both pancakes and macaroni are heavy carbs, but at least I could load the macaroni with some fresh vegetables.  My mother made the best that I can remember. (oh no, the second reference to mom in the same post. I must be getting sentimental).  I tried to follow her recipe.  Elbow macaroni, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and fresh cut onions, red and green peppers, celery, cucumber, carrots, celery seed and topped with paprika.  (I may be missing something because it doesn’t taste quite like mom used to make, but still darn good).  There is a spaghetti-o out there, a niece e, who could probably whip up a mean macaroni salad.  We may see this recipe from her on another blog at another time.

But for now, pancakes rule.  Pancakes with organic maple and agave syrup, lots of it.  Or any other cakey item wetted down.   It’s only a rhythm for now.  Truth be told, can’t wait to get out of pancake rhythm.

What’s your pancake?


3 thoughts on “pancakes

  1. Stryker Warren jr.

    Hey Fella, U R the Warrior. That simple. And, delighted to see the wry wit; you might try chewing some rye toast too. Best, swjr


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